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AFRY BIPV - Building Integrated Photovoltaics

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Our AFRY experts can help you realise your goals for solar installation in urban environments

Developing more sustainable concepts to advance our cities while keeping them attractive and liveable is one of the main challenges of today. AFRY BIPV is an integrated engineering and advisory service to support all energy stakeholders in realising solar installations in metropolitan districts.

Today, society is looking for new solutions to reduce CO2 emissions and meet the Paris Agreement’s targets by 2030. The integration of renewable sources in our cities will play a key role in sustainable urban development.

Imagine more and more building facades and roofs dressed by photovoltaic cells. With the integration of solar technology in architectural design, we will shape the cities of the future.

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How AFRY BIPV helps transition towards smart cities

AFRY BIPV approach aims to accelerate the process and facilitate the realisation of the project

The first step is the analysis of the current situation in order to identify all peculiarities of the structure and potential constraints. We thus identify the best solution from the technical, architectural and financial perspective for the installation of PV cells on pre-existing or new buildings or areas.

Thanks to our professional contacts' network, we facilitate the connection with other energy stakeholders. The needs of power plant owners, financial institutions and contractors will be met ensuring the project will be ready to begin.

We guide our clients from the early stages of the concept, through the implementation, to the final realisation and energy production.

We at AFRY are driven by the identification of sustainable solutions to reduce the city’s carbon footprints.

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AFRY BIPV is a service we provide to support the integration of photovoltaics into the urban environment.

Photovoltaic cells can be installed on a range of structures and surfaces. Different locations will require unique characteristics and issues to be considered and analysed.

Moreover, in an urban environment, other aspects need to be taken into consideration: aesthetic impact, permits from local authorities as well as architectural restrictions and constraints. These factors can affect the choice of the right technological solution to be installed.

With our extensive network of experts and wide spectrum of expertise, we are able to provide our clients with a comprehensive analysis which includes an assessment of all possible project peculiarities, from the study of the location, the engineering studies, design services, and architectural evaluation, to the financial analysis of CAPEX, OPEX, return on investment, as well as construction and support during operation, and maintenance.

At AFRY, we support our clients around the world in their quest for sustainable urban development, guaranteeing the best solution for their investment.

Energy_Solar Power
Photovoltaic cells can be installed on a range of structures and surfaces
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Alessio Giuffra - Managing Director, AFRY Italy and Azerbaijan
Alessio Giuffra
Managing Director, AFRY Italy and Azerbaijan

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