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AFRY’s Ecolego software providing modelling and simulations for our customers for over 18 years

AFRY Ecolego is a simple-to-use yet powerful and flexible software tool for creating dynamic models and performing deterministic or probabilistic simulations. Complex dynamic systems that evolve over time can be simulated with any number of inputs, factors, and scenarios, such as when conducting risk assessments.

A sensitivity analysis toolbox is also available, allowing the user to test the influence and importance of each factor on the outcome of an assessment. Ecolego has been tried and proven in nuclear, mining, and contaminated land sectors, but its features can be applied to a wide variety of uses, from meteorology to systems-analysis, finance to engineering.

The uniqueness of Ecolego is the “Lego function” meaning that you can create models in a very flexible manner, where you re-build and/or re-use building blocks, just as with Lego.

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Ecolego’s primary use has been in conducting safety and risk assessments in the nuclear industry. However, it is a versatile software tool which has the potential to be applied across many other industries.

Example of applications for Ecolego:

  • Nuclear waste management: Our customer is designing a repository for spent nuclear fuel. They need to demonstrate that people will be safe from radiation exposure during the next 100 000 years
  • Land remediation: The land where our customer intends to build housing for people, was previously occupied by a creosote impregnation plant and is contaminated with PAH. Which measures are the most cost effective for remediation?
  • Mine water: Our customer is operating a copper mine. What is the projected budget of process water over one year?

Key Features

  • Ecolego is a tool for simulating flow of water, substances, money or people
  • Toolboxes are available for databases, sensitivity analysis, radionuclide modelling
  • Ecolego can handle large models and make complex systems easy to manage
  • Ecolego is fast, flexible and has state-of-the-art tools for making risk assessments
  • Ecolego Player is a free software for distributing Ecolego models. Based on Ecolego Player, we can develop simulation software tailored for the customer.

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The Ecolego license includes the ODE Toolbox which allows the user to create and simulate compartment models in Ecolego. Both linear and non-linear systems of ordinary differential equations are supported.

The following toolboxes can be purchased in conjunction with the Ecolego license acquisition at an additional cost.

  • Sensitivity Analysis Toolbox: Supports “state-of-the-art” parameter sensitivity analysis methods (local as well as global).
  • Parameter Database Toolbox: Provides a connection between Ecolego and a parameter database.
  • Radionuclide Toolbox: Features a database containing all nuclide isotopes and their decay constants and energies. It also contains the parent-daughter relationships between a radionuclide and its decay products. This toolbox is required to facilitate consideration of decay and ingrowth of radionuclides in the models.

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We offer consultancy services for the following types of projects:

  • Development of tailored-made software ordered by clients, including support and maintenance after launching.
  • Implementation of additional functionalities in Ecolego by request from clients.
  • Providing support to clients for implementation of own models in Ecolego.
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Software Support

AFRY offers bug fixing and maintenance support to its license holders (included in the software license agreement). Through an online system, bugs can be reported which are dealt with by the appropriate AFRY staff and resolutions are communicated back to the client(s).

Ecolego support


We offer individual and group training on Ecolego and use of specific models. This training offer is in addition to the free online training offered as part of the licensing package. Such training is organized according to specific client requests and can take place at AFRY offices or at client premises.

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Ecolego Player is a free software for distributing Ecolego models and can be downloaded by anyone who has registered an account and log in.

Ecolego Player features the same functionality as Ecolego, with the exception that the model structure can not be changed.

  • Select species and other indices
  • Review model structure and equations
  • Assign parameter values and probability density functions
  • Assign time-dependent inputs
  • Select simulation outputs
  • Specify simulation settings
  • Run best estimate or Monte Carlo simulations
  • Create charts and tables from simulation output
  • Generate report

Ecolego Player is also included with Ecolego.

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AFRY Ecolego can be installed for a one-month free evaluation period, with all toolboxes and functionality activated.
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