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State-of-the-art AI enabled business intelligence

Flowity is a product developed and maintained by AFRY. We’ve worked closely with our clients to develop a product that provides business intelligence value. By utilising the power of artificial intelligence Flowity can provide metrics that could be previously only be obtained in a non-automated fashion.

Data driven crowd analysis

By having access to real-time analytics on the flow of people, you will be able to make relevant decisions at an earlier point in time. This will increase the security and make the event more pleasurable for everyone. You may also want to limit the number of visitors for fire safety reasons or optimise the flow for efficiency reasons.

By real-time analysis of crowd data you can make last minute adjustments of crowd control measures. You can also determine where staff is needed most at any given time. Flowity uses the latest dense crowd simulation models tuned for the most common scenarios to give you the best predictions and forecasting of your events.

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Utilising AI powered sensors to visualise people flow and area usage.
The occupation insights can be accessed in real time through a web interface.

People Counter

Aspects of space management involve the understanding of how an organisation is using rented spaces or how customers are moving in a retail store. Through a well proven machine learning algorithm, using a deep neural network, the use of edge computing and encryption, AFRY Flowity extracts anonymous data from video input. The system is capable of actually positioning individuals giving insight to their walking trajectories and behaviours. Also, more granular data such as gender distribution and proportion of adolescents and adults can be retrieved

Safety first

Today’s workplaces are increasingly complex due to parallel workflows accommodating shorter lead times and a higher pace. For all employers it is imperative to ensure safety and personal protection at the workplace for their employees. This is done by enforcing required personal protection equipment through education and signs. AFRY Flowity provides insight on how people follow your safety rules in your business. It allows for information, education and action.

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Access to real-life data, enables new ways of informing about risks due to lack of protection equipment or even act – before an incident happens.
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Flowity detects a wide array of different object

Detect objects anywhere

Based on deep neural networks, the algorithms can be adapted to detect a wide array of different objects, such as people, bicycles and vehicles. The algorithm is robust and can detect objects that are partially obscured and congregated together. Objects can be detected in both indoor and outdoor environments, and at varying distances.

Protecting personal integrity by smart design

The Flowity sensors are small devices that can be placed anywhere where people or traffic needs to be monitored. The Flowity sensors are designed so that no video or images can be extracted from them despite that they contain an image sensor. Instead, the device itself will use neural networks to detect regions of interests in the image and then discard the image, thus protecting personal integrity and being GDPR compatible.

The metrics that the device can export is simple data points like:

  • How many people have entered the shop
  • How many cars are present and their velocity
  • The coordinates of cyclists on a map
Flowity protects personal integrity and is GDPR compatible
Our highly confident tracking system is able to track any type of moving object

Take control over your environment

Take your business intelligence to the next level with our state-of-the-art tracking system. Our highly confident tracking system is able to track any type of moving object. Flowity's Geographic Information System (GIS) enables you to see the tracked objects in real time, and perform advanced analysis on the tracked movements. Access the data through the graphical interface, or connect to the API.  

Flowity is suitable for tracking in public spaces and areas with public access and in enclosed environments where objects are known. It allows for continuous tracking over larger periods of time and without full camera coverage.

Get full power from Flowity by analysing

With Flowity's system you can take full advantage of your data for analysis. Use our graphical user interface or integrate to our Public API. Our user interface allows you to easily get the most out of your data.

Easily generate comprehensive reports and visualize data with the latest graphical tools suitable for your needs. Our flexible web user interface also works on mobile devices if you are on the run. With a graphical dashboard you can monitor your crowd analytics at any given time. Our powerful statistical tools will help you make the right BI decisions that make sense for your business.

Our user interface allows you to easily get the most out of your data 
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Act on events in real time and utilize previous data to make informed decisions

Real time actions 

Our platform enables you to act on events in real time, and utilize previous data to make informed and predicted decisions. The intelligence that comes with deep learning and big data in union allows for advanced prediction and inference, which empowers you to make the best decisions. For example you can cut your costs by acting on real time data to manage your ventilation and heating infrastructure or increase security by tracking objects or use face detection.

Richard Schumacher - Lead Digital Sales AFRY X
Richard Schumacher
Lead Digital Sales AFRY X

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