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AFRY Independent Market Reports

The definitive guide to the future of energy markets

We are the leading supplier of independent long-term price projections for electricity markets, and consistently testified by our clients to be an independent, trusted and bankable viewpoint.

Our energy market reports offer worldwide coverage spanning over 80 markets in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Africa, Australia, and the Americas. Providing in-depth market intelligence and long-term price projections for electricity, gas, carbon and other commodities, our team of expert consultants are constantly following market and policy developments to ensure that our modelling assessments reflect the latest commercial and regulatory changes occurring across the globe.

AIM Report Coverage

Trusted by the financing community and our clients for over 25 years

Our AFRY Independent Market (AIM) Reports are relied upon by utilities, banks, funds, independent developers, and are considered bankable for investment committee decisions. With our unparalleled depth of sector expertise, commercial know-how and decades-long experience, we can help you gain the energy market insights you need on which to base your future strategies.

Providing independent energy transition scenarios for the power sector

The analysis is underpinned by AFRY BID3, our cutting edge power market modelling software which considers all the key features of power system operation across the value chain (power generation, transmission, storage and demand). Purchasing our energy reports allows clients to gain access to a consistent set of scenario outcomes, reflecting the most important drivers of the energy transition including:

  • Utilisation of renewable energy sources, deployment of new technology solutions (batteries, electrolysers, CCUS) and evolution of technology costs
  • Electrification of demand with the expansion of electric heating and continued switch to electric vehicles for road transport
  • Economic growth and required investment returns
  • Decarbonisation commitments made by national and regional Governments

Available AIM Reports for electricity markets

Each AIM Report includes a full description of:

  • Wholesale price projections for out to 2050-2060, with accompanying discussion of price formation and underlying drivers
  • Background covering market structure and regulations, key players and government policies
  • Transparent description of the scenario framework, modelling methodology and tables of key input assumptions
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AIM Report Portal

Our suite of reports is continually developing. Please use the contact form below or visit the AFRY Independent Market Report portal to find further information on specific markets.
Fleur Greetham - Director, AFRY Management Consulting
Fleur Greetham
Director, AFRY Management Consulting

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