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AFRY Independent Market Reports

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Our independent market reports are the definitive guide to the future of energy markets. We are the leading supplier of independent long-term price projections for energy markets, and consistently testified by our clients to be an independent, trusted and bankable viewpoint.

AFRY Management Consulting offers reports for over 80 markets spanning Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Africa and the Americas. We provide in-depth market intelligence and long-term price projections for electricity, gas, carbon and other commodities. Each geography is covered by a team of experts that constantly follow market and policy developments, ensuring our market assessments and modelling reflect the latest commercial and regulatory changes.

  • Over 80 reports for different electricity markets are produced

  • Over 100 clients subscribe to our quarterly projections for one or more countries

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With our unparalleled depth of sector expertise, commercial know-how and decades-long experience, we can help you to gain the market insights you need on which to base your future strategies.

Each AFRY Independent Market report:

  • Features updates (up to 4 times a year), ensuring the projections incorporate the latest market data.
  • Is independent and trusted. The ‘AFRY curves’ are a well-established benchmark.
  • Includes internally consistent long-term scenarios. We take pride in ensuring our scenarios cover an internally consistent set of outcomes in wholesale prices, reflecting the most important drivers of the energy transition: economic growth, technology costs, decarbonisation, electric heating and EVs.
  • Uses highly detailed modelling, including our BID3 power market model and our internally developed suite of worldwide commodity models.
  • Is bankable. Trusted by the financing community for over 25 years to offer a fully independent view.
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Our detailed AFRY Independent Market Reports include:

  • price projections for a period covering thirty to forty years into the future;
  • market-wide technology capture prices;
  • forecasting methodology and key drivers behind projections;
  • technology costs;
  • industry structure and key players;
  • demand and supply dynamics;
  • government policy and regulation; and
  • market specific considerations.
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Available market reports

Visit the AFRY Independent Market Report portal to find the latest developments, contacts and details for each of our reports.
Fleur Greetham - Director, AFRY Management Consulting
Fleur Greetham
Director, AFRY Management Consulting

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