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AFRY Long-term Outlook: Wood-based panels and surfacing materials up to 2028

Since the early 1990s, AFRY has published global wood-based panels and decorative surfacing material forecasts.

Our latest AFRY Long-Term Outlook publication explores the wood-based panels and surfacing materials industry up to 2028.

In our new 2024 global wood-based panel and surfacing materials multiclient report, we present an up-to-date market outlook, including three demand scenarios based on updated macro-economic conditions, recovery assumptions and commentary on the potential implications on market demand for particleboard, MDF/HDF and decorative surfacing materials until 2028.

The outlook provides an overview of the market drivers, production and demand development, end-use applications, manufacturing costs and gross margins, and the industry structure/ leading players globally. The previous report was published in 2020 and was very well-received among clients throughout the value chain. It has established itself as the point of reference for the wood-based panel and decorative surfacing materials industry.

As an example from our earlier report, the global demand for wood-based panels (particleboard, MFC and MDF/HDF) accounted for 202 million m³ or EUR 50 billion in 2020 and is forecast to grow by 2.0%/ p.a. to 222 million m³ or 3.7%/ p.a. to EUR 60 billion by 2025 (steady recovery scenario).

Additionally, in 2020, the global demand for decorative surfacing materials accounted for 22 billion m² or EUR 16 billion and is forecast to grow by 2.6%/ p.a. to 25 billion m² or 3.5%/ p.a. to EUR 19 billion by 2025 (steady recovery scenario).  

Future uncertainties such as rise in unemployment and insolvencies, Brexit and changes in customer behaviour as well as potential upsides, European Green Deal, digitalisation etc. have been analysed, complemented by expert discussions with leading players in wood-based panels, surfacing materials as well as suppliers and customers, and included in the development of three market scenarios to 2025: steady recovery, slow recovery and setback.

New 2024 edition with forecasts up to 2028 out now!

The study provides an invaluable strategic platform and essential information for all business leaders throughout the wood-based panels and decorative surfacing materials value chains. Full geographical (regions and countries) and product information and table of contents can be downloaded here.

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