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AFRY Long-term Outlook: World Paper Markets up to 2035

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AFRY's 13th World Paper Markets edition now features online access to all data and graphics visualisation.

The study provides an invaluable strategic platform and essential information for all business participants across the paper industry cluster, including pulp and paper companies, suppliers of machinery, equipment, chemicals and related inputs, investors, financiers, institutions, paper merchants and traders, logistics companies, and other stakeholders.

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In addition to the report, data and charts will be available and visualised via a browser based online platform. Users can independently decide on the required level of detail.

This provides the option to download data behind the report charts. Furthermore a ‘free browse’ option enables you to merge data across regions or grades. Annual data and forecast updates will be available through the online platform as well. Overall, this lets you combine, visualise and download the most recent data as defined by your needs.

To meet the various needs of our clients, we have designed two different types of digital access in addition to the full PDF report. The first option includes digital data tool access for up to 10 users for one year, which can also be customised to include additional users. The second option includes also data and forecast updates in the fourth quarter of 2021 and 2022.

We would be delighted to schedule a demo of the digital tool upon request.

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AFRY Long-term Outlook - World Paper Market report enables companies to access consistent forecasts across grades, taking into account the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Data on production, consumption and implications for future net trade, for over 80 countries or country groups, will provide consistent insights into future global paper markets.

Analysis and synthesis
  • Driving forces of the paper industry
  • Demand trends to 2035
  • End uses
  • Production trends & growth
  • Trade flows & net trade
  • Paper industry structure

Product areas
  • Graphics paper
    • Newsprint
    • Uncoated mechanical
    • Coated mechanical
    • Uncoated woodfree
    • Coated woodfree
  • Tissue
  • Packaging paper and paperboard
    • Containerboards
    • Cartonboards
    • Sack paper
    • Other paper and paperboard

Geographic coverage
  • Global, by region and main country
  • Approx. 80 countries or country groups

Specialty paper – new separate section
  • Current demand for 70 specialty paper grades, aggregated into eight end-use groups
  • Regional split: Europe, North America, Asia, Rest of the World
  • Current top producers and capacity split by region
  • Forecast to 2030 by end use group and region
  • Executive report covering all main grades by region and globally
  • Personal visualisations and drill down ability via web platform
  • Statistical annexes accessible and downloadable only via the web platform
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Timo Suhonen - Senior Principal, AFRY Management Consulting

Timo Suhonen

Senior Principal, AFRY Management Consulting

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Christoph Euringer - Principal, AFRY Management Consulting

Christoph Euringer

Principal, AFRY Management Consulting

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