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AFRY MES - your digital platform for easier and more efficient production

Manufacturing Execution System – AFRY MES is a platform that connects systems on different levels and makes It possible to respond to the demands on a modern and competitive industry that strive towards Industry 4.0 and an excellent competitiveness.

The AFRY MES platform is used within most types of industries and manufacturing and this makes a good understanding and experience in processes and integrations towards systems and equipment. The AFRY MES is often appreciated among operators as it helps them in the daily work and removing monotonous and non-value adding action.


These are some of the key benefits with the AFRY MES;

  • Supports flexibility and complex production
  • Keep up with digitalization and Connectivity, ties in to your shop floor and equipment.
  • Real time site information
  • Full Track and Traceability on products and production
  • Production support and increase of OEE / Productivity
  • Follow up and keep track of raw materials and production cost
  • Workforce communication and operational support, Enable communication and information flow between shifts and teams.
  • Receiving of goods and material in an efficient way using mobile devices
  • Production planning; Easy overview of assets and utilization.
  • Material handling, Optimize handling and transport
  • Advanced warehouse optimization; Optimizes utilization of your storage.
  • Packing and Loading; Automation and optimization of Supply chain operation.
  • Production overview; Bottleneck and production status
  • Operator instruction that enables daily routines, connect workforce with real time information
  • Quality control; classification of produced material
  • Maintenance; Data driven, standardized maintenance creates less downtime and lower costs.
  • Automation digitalization of manual processes opens up for more value creation
  • Control of entire information flow from ERP system to end customer. Connect your suppliers and customers digitally creates efficient and competitive processes.
  • Supply Chain Operation support including Warehouse management
Production Support System:

Follow up on cost for raw materials, waste and production. Enable data to be exchanged and combined between different sources, Real-time information enables quicker and proactive way of working and faster actions in production.

  • Production foot print, helps operations to find best way of producing.
  • Production day book; spreads critical information among operators.
  • Proactive information; Benefit from production plans, scheduled information and minimize downtime.
Operational Excellence Support:
  • Correct and visible information creates efficient meeting culture with a common goal and understanding of entire flow.
  • Easy logging of downtime, Speed losses, and other fault causes creates focus and smart prioritizing of activities.
  • Production footprint, proactive way of working increases production.
  • Create more understanding of entire site flow and avoid sub optimization of specific production departments.
  • Visualize your KPI´s on dashboard, role specific and depending on daily status.

The demand for uptime and increased presence in systems often requires a support organization that know both system and operation. As required for a production system, "MES AFRY" is very stable and reliable. AFRY MES is also constructed with support in mind, fault logging services and others are designed to have high service ability. The support organization offers several levels of availability based on your need and up to 24/7/365. The scope of the support can also include other systems for a single point of contact to increase efficiency.

David Andersson
Section Manager Industrial Digitilization, Process Industries Sweden

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