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AFRY Numerola Simulations is a leading provider of simulation services

Our toolset includes a large variety of mathematical analysis methods, from which we select the optimal ones for each respective customer. We distinguish ourselves from the competition with our wide-ranging insight and in-depth result analysis that makes no compromises.

We have served a variety of industrial fields for over 20 years with a large variety of mathematical calculation methods. Our strength lies in a comprehensive understanding of the phenomena involved, a wide-ranging perspective and an uncompromising interpretation of the results. We use the latest simulation technology to improve the operational capabilities of our customers in the following sectors:

  • Wind power
  • Industry
  • Storm damage
  • Urban planning

Modelling, simulations and optimization for a wide range of needs

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A pioneer in wind power production analysis

Numerola is an expert in computational fluid dynamics (CFD) based on the physics of air flows. We are a developer of CFD modelling for wind power production analyses. We have a comprehensive understanding and extensive experience in the design of wind power solutions for Finnish conditions, as well as the best technologies to calculate the effects of varying terrain types and wooded areas on production. We produce accurate, unbiased and bankable production analyses.

  • Wide-ranging insight to support wind power design
  • Increased credibility for a project
  • Accurate and unbiased data on production potential and environmental impacts
  • Clear, accurate and bankable production analyses.

Our expertise is available to you in all phases of the planning and development of wind power projects. We produce information on the production potential of planned wind power projects and their environmental impacts, such as noise, flicker and visibility. Our goal is to ensure that wind power systems are positioned in locations where the production conditions are optimal and the possible detriments are at an acceptable level. In the analysis process, we utilise multiple parallel analysis methods as well as our own highly advanced modelling environment. We provide clear and thorough reports on the production potential and environmental impacts. This ensures that our production estimates are accurate and meet the requirements of investment banks and authorities.

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Wind turbines
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A new perspective on industrial simulation services

We simulate complex processes and quickly form a vision of how to optimize production by combining our technology and process expertise with data analysis. We offer an even wider range of simulation services for industrial digitization and green energy. We are a mathematical simulator that brings a new perspective to digitalization and strategic development.

New technologies are being developed at an accelerating pace to ensure a sustainable and carbon-neutral future. The entire process industry sector seeks and develops solutions to the challenges of overall efficiency and sustainability. It requires modernization of technologies, products and production processes. Simulation is one of the most important methods in the design and validation of these.

The change in business operations, especially in the pulp, paper & board sector and in new wood-based products, has encouraged us to innovate new solutions in simulation-based design methods, production process monitoring and new types of digital solutions.

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What we offer you in the field of mathematical calculation

  • Strong expertise in the development of new technologies and production processes and testing using simulation technology
  • Easy-to-use solutions for information management
  • New innovations in a cost-effective digital simulation environment for testing
  • New types of tools, such as digital twins, for production planning, management and optimization.

Our customers value us for our high quality, knowledgeable and confidential service. We bring mathematical methods into software solutions, choose the most suitable ones from a wide range of methods and present the results clearly and carefully.

We are a strategic partner for you

  • To monitor and develop product quality and features
  • Development of an intelligent and learning production process and for resource efficiency optimization
  • Production risk management (quality fluctuations and production interruptions)
  • Digitization of production, efficient utilization of data and real-time monitoring.

Modelling and simulation technology can be utilised in many ways in the development of industrial production and processes. The challenges our customers are faced with may include production outages, quality problems or energy consumption. Our modelling and digital twin applications can be used for the following purposes, for example:

  • Product development
  • Production optimisation
  • Maintenance
  • Testing
  • Information collection and information-based management
  • Sales situations

Our customers value us thanks to the high quality, proficiency and confidentiality of the services we provide. We convert mathematical methods into software solutions, select the ones that meet the specific need from our wide selection, and present the results clearly with thorough justifications.

  • We improve the efficiency and competitiveness of your production machines
  • Avoid mistakes and unnecessary prototyping in product development
  • Fault situations are found faster and long production interruptions are avoided
  • Demonstrate the benefits to the customer accurately and credibly in the sales situation.
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We indicate forest areas susceptible to storm damage

We serve forest, telecommunication and power grid companies as well as authorities with our unique digital survey of storm damage risks. AFRY Numerola Simulations’ CFD-based wind condition modelling generates accurate and illustrative data on the risk of storm damage in various wooded areas. Simulation allows for the planning and prioritisation of investments related to maintenance reliability. Wind modelling helps to anticipate the need for maintenance resources and their allocation in the event of an approaching storm. Our cloud based service is extremely easy to roll in - no need to purchase any new system or infrastructure!

  • Increased security of supply for power companies
  • Fulfilment of regulatory obligations regarding maintenance reliability
  • Cost savings through the correct prioritisation of investments
  • More accurate anticipatory resource allocation
  • Facts on decision-making regarding forest maintenance
Storm analysis map

Our storm modelling technology is based on precise air flow physics, tree strength modelling and long-term data on wind conditions and storm history. We have developed the service leveraging our strong mathematical expertise. The risk analyses enabled by our technology enable the identification of areas susceptible to storm damage, which makes it much easier to prepare for risks. Risk analyses and their map visualisations allow for cost efficiency in the development of power lines and the care and maintenance of the trees around them. The result materials can be integrated into the customer’s own system, which means that they can also be used for other purposes.

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More efficient urban planning through simulation

We solve challenges related to urban planning and construction by various methods, such as wind condition modelling and mathematical optimisation methods. We specialise in simulation and optimisation methods, which we utilise to the benefit of town planners, architects, consultants and structural designers.

Tall buildings and extreme weather phenomena are becoming more commonplace. Our urban wind condition analyses and models ensure accuracy, cost efficiency and risk management in the planning of urban environments and for construction control requirements.

  • Simulation and optimisation expedite and facilitate planning efforts
  • Cost savings and error prevention in construction
  • Wind condition modelling is more affordable than traditional wind tunnel testing
  • Wind condition modelling produces more precise data on wind loads.
Illustration for simulation services in built environment

The wind condition modelling method developed by us can be used to determine wind conditions in a specific location – i.e. the effects of wind on the safety, comfort and life cycle of buildings. The modelling provides pre-emptive data on how the planned buildings will impact the wind conditions at the site. Wind condition analyses are also used in the design of structures and their strength. Thanks to their precise and illustrative nature, wind condition models can be widely utilised in city planning in combination with geographical data analyses.

Simulation model in built environment
Urban planning simulation map

Buildings and structures can become a risk factor in stormy weather

Gusty winds can detach structures and make them life-threatening. Simulating the wind conditions at the design stage ensures that the buildings and functions are positioned to avoid breakage. And moreover, dangerous gusts do not occur at the street level.

Determining wind conditions in the planning of the area is therefore also a safety act. Design flaws can cause massive damage. Unfortunately, there are sad examples all over the world:

  • Dangerously strong winds form on the streets close to tall buildings, affecting traffic
  • Unpredictable wind conditions create areas in the living areas between tall buildings (e.g. squares and performance squares) that can topple structures
  • Roof structures become detached or broken by strong winds
  • Strong winds cause hazards at the entrances of tall buildings when the exit is blocked due to strong winds.

Our mathematical expertise is also useful in other planning of urban environments, such as visibility and coverage analyses as well as the placement of solar energy solutions, equipment related to the safety of urban environment (surveillance cameras, lights) and charging stations for electric cars.

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