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AFRY Performance Booster: On-line data analytics for energy management

Convert your data into money! AFRY Peformance Booster is a unique tool that quantifies and visualises energy asset performance on-line. It gives immediate feedback to the operators, managers and asset owners when energy is being wasted making it possible to optimise energy flows.

AFRY Performance Booster has proven to provide tangible bottom-line results of up to 8% of total revenue.

Key sectors:

  • District energy generation and distribution
  • Industrial energy plants
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AFRY Performance Booster is a data analytics tool that quantifies and visualises operational performance from your energy assets on-line. It gives asset owners, management and operators the possibility to check the performance at a glance as well as continuously calculates the financial performance of the assets.

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AFRY Performance Booster is a personal trainer for the entire organisation.

It is typical at most companies that asset performance is followed only monthly. AFRY Performance Booster changes this and provides the organisation with on-line feedback alerting staff immediately when energy is being wasted. The tool makes asset performance transparent: quantified information on monetary losses at all organisational levels will result in more focused and efficient operations.

  • On-line and daily performance information for the entire organisation
  • Quantified performance results

In addition to the basic performance monitoring tool, the following modules and features can be included in the delivery:

  • Production optimisation tool (power and heat): calculation of optimum loading for the assets based on power prices, ambient temperature etc.
  • Maintenance performance through connection to the CMMS
  • AI-based forecasting tool for district energy demand
  • Demand-side management: Adjustment of customer house temperatures in collaboration with a partner company
  • Increase automation level of energy generation and distribution to minimise manual operations
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