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AFRY ProTAK — Digital tool for production optimisation

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Digital tool for production efficiency

AFRY ProTAK is a digital tool that measures the effectiveness of a plant’s production machine performance by gathering information from different sources (e.g. DCS, MES, Maintenance) combining that with operator log-in data of root causes.

The sustainability and environmental impact of the production plant can be improved by optimal production efficiency where OEE is a central part. Ensure your production is running with full capability without unnecessary downtimes or losses.

Transparency for proactivity

Downtime and reduced production speed are often daily challenges within the process industry. If you understand the reasons behind the problems, you’ll have the key to increase profitability and improved product quality. AFRY ProTAK is a platform that clarifies why the problems arise — a digital tool that will optimize cost and productivity in a very transparent way that facilitates the improvement work and contribute to a more proactive approach.

Collaboration for fast decisions

By making all levels at the site visible, the understanding of the process increases. As more each employee knows about the activities in the mill, the more knowledge it will create which will lead to strong collaboration and faster decisions. AFRY ProTAK also contributes to professional planning that supports how to use resources more efficiently, save time, and also improve safety. AFRY ProTAK is a central digital platform that creates sustainable production and optimizes cost and productivity.

AFRY ProTAK OEE Illustration
AFRY ProTAK is based on the importance of measuring the OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency) of the production efficiency.
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AFRY ProTAK Infographic
The ambition with AFRY ProTAK is to increase the visibility of everything that has a positive impact on production to make better use of time and reduce quality problems. AFRY ProTAK will contribute to increased collaboration on-site and inspire to collaborate to improve and reach new levels in OEE. reduce quality problems. The system will enhance the effect of other business systems and find opportunities that will contribute to optimize the production and increase profitability.


  •  Easily documentation of losses
  •  Graphical interface to easily read and share information
  •  Transparency increase understanding for different areas
  •  Traceability and clear statistic for production losses
  •  Integrates with other business systems
  •  Create a basis for investment decisions and prioritization of actions
  • Collect and share information directly 24/7


  •  Collects data and make important information visible
  •  Easy fill in forms and send data back to business systems
  •  Transparent and real-time information
  •  Identifies bottlenecks for proactive improvements
  •  Advanced functions document shut and break times, with reasons, comments and pictures
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  •  Round function
  •  Root cause analysis
  •  Case management
  •  Event-driven messages function
  •  Quality measurement
  •  Setpoint monitoring
  •  Runtime monitoring
  •  Diary
  •  Operator note
  •  Action requests
  •  Document system
  •  Advanced disturbance function
  •  Problem solver
  •  Claims
  •  Visual quality controls
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What is OEE?

OEE stands for ”Overall Equipment Effectiveness”. OEE-calculations are used for creating data, information, and statistics that can be used for optimizing production flows. With AFRY ProTAK you can make TAK/OEE measurements and calculations and present them visually on a time axis. Furthermore, the system connects other relevant systems (purchase, case, claim, camera system), in order to get a more profound picture of the process at hand. By doing this, all levels at the site will clearly see – in a very transparent way – where the losses occur. Consequently, everyone can participate and work proactively in the strive for improvements.

Some OEE calculations help us to understand how we can make the right decisions for production improvements:

  • We can provide maintenance planning
  • We can act quickly, due to the real-time visualization of the production
  • We can prioritize operational disturbances

OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency) is a simple but powerful KPI (Key Performance Indicator) to measure production efficiency. It contains three variables multiplied with each other (A) availability measures losses related to time (P) performance measures losses related to reduced production speed (Q) quality measures quality losses.

This box represents the theoretical capacity. The parameters are:

  • A = Available
  • P = Performance
  • Q = Quality



The dotted lines between the two boxes, symbolize production events that have caused losses. It is highly important that these events (losses) are structurally registered in the database. Through the structuring of these events, we can – with a statistical process – get an in-depth insight.

A, P and Q can simply be regarded as the arrow’s length (the dotted lines), divided by the black arrow of the respective axis.
Or, A, P, and Q can be described as the volume of the blue box divided by the volume of the grey box.

AFRY ProTAK OEE Illustration

OEE, is just a measurement of how well a machine, or a process section, is being utilized. The most important element is that the production events (losses) are registered – in order to find bottlenecks and weak sections via statistical processing.

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Per-Anders Bjuggstam - Section Manager Digitalisation
Per-Anders Bjuggstam
Section Manager Digitalisation

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David Andersson
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