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AFRY Pulse – Production, Communication, and Information

AFRY Pulse is a software that connects information from equipment, process, and humans and brings this together.  

It is often challenging to make the information on a site available and there is an increasing need for this when we request more and more specific information depending on situation. AFRY Pulse is the solution for this.

AFRY Pulse is built on the AFRY MES system platform with modern technology and complements our other solutions within Smart Site such as; AFRY ProTAK and AFRY MES with a tailored information hub that helps you to improve your business. The software also gives an opportunity to use Machine Learning models, and use your own trained models to increase predictability.

AFRY Pulse contains smart functions for visualization, tailoring your online reporting, and specific functions for certain areas. The software will be your window to more insights about your operation and will let you be more proactive and efficient.  

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Some examples of how our customers use AFRY Pulse to make the process data more available:

  • Monitoring of vibration sensors

  • Visualize various process data and daily KPI´s

  • Push out alarms to mobile devices  

  • Easy messaging within the site

  • Connection platform to unify other systems for easier presentation

  • Fast and efficient production reporting

  • Monitor critical production parameters in real time

  • Run and visualize trained Machine Learning models

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  • Screen builder- Tailor you own dashboards

  • Modules for trending and diagrams

  • Messaging functions

  • Push technology – always updated information

  • Notes connected to roles and calendar

  • Data interfaces and connectivity to databases and sources

  • Support for Mobile devices

  • Wiki – User instruction

  • Production-friendly user interface

  • Meeting room – Platform for efficient meetings and more…

  • MillHistorian  

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AFRY Pulse has the ability to integrate several of the often used and isolated systems such as; recipes, laboratory, reporting, and making excel based calculations. As an option AFRY Pulse can also be configured if you have specific needs and there are also additional modules and functions that can be integrated into AFRY Pulse.

AFRY Pulse is part of the AFRY MES system platform, which includes several modules. Support for AFRY Pulse is also offered via AFRY SupportLine located in Sweden.

David Andersson - Business Unit Manager Digitalisation
David Andersson
Business Unit Manager Digitalisation

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