AFRY Pulse – production support

AFRY Pulse – production support

AFRY Pulse is a production support system that helps you to maximize availability in your industrial processes by means of smart functions and an interface that provides your employees with support for making decisions and a more proactive working method.
Useful basis for decision-making

Using a production support system as the foundation for ongoing and methodical improvement work often results in direct positive improvement. The direct gain is a higher level of productivity and OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness), but there are also other indirect effects that have an influence on production, e.g. better communication between departments, reduced maintenance costs and more proactive behaviour in operations, which contributes to more sustainable industrial activity. The information collected via AFRY Pulse also serves as important decision data for activities and investment.

Bringing together humans and technology

Combining data from processes and equipment with information from humans creates the best foundation for decisions, providing a basis for continuous improvement work. Proactive input prevents costly losses.

Our production support system AFRY Pulse is a modern tool created to promote digital solutions of the future for more sustainable industrial activity.

Some of the functions of AFRY Pulse:
  • Easy to do things right with a solid basis for best practice
  • Fault reports
  • Message function
  • Meeting room
  • Order & product information
  • Inspection rounds
  • Shift logbook
  • Standardised reports and dashboards
  • Standardised connections with adjoining factory systems
  • Visual key figures
Benefits of AFRY Pulse:
  • Overview of production that provides complete control of production and where you need to direct your focus.
  • Increased flexibility in operations by, for example, making it possible to switch focus and highlight different key figures
  • Close link between operations and maintenance – follow maintenance orders and status so that nothing gets missed along the way.
  • Meeting room – structured working using data as a basis for decision-making and following up on activities.
  • Root causes – RCA support for finding the root cause of the problem in question and separating out any consequences from the fundamental problem.
  • Dashboards – visualising information in an informative way, e.g. with trends and diagrams.
  • Analysing causes of losses and distribution between different categories that have had the biggest impact on production.
  • Raw materials – analysing consumption of raw materials and comparing against budget.
  • Pulse forms part of the MES platform, which includes several modules. Support for Pulse is also offered via SupportLine in Karlstad, Sweden.
David Andersson
Section Manager Industrial Digitilization, Process Industries Sweden

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