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Create an exact digital twin of your production system including machines, sensors, and actuators.

Real Virtual Commissioning, and AFRY's Real Digital Twin, enables control of the reality through emulating plant modifications in a 100% accurate digital copy of your production environment before making changes to the actual plant. This means you can run 100% of operational testing without production stops when building or modifying a plant, which eliminates unnecessary downtime (both planned and unplanned) during commissioning and ramp-up.

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AFRY Real Digital Twin creates an exact digital twin of your production. By emulating plant modifications in a 100% accurate digital copy on signal level of your production environment. This results in elimination of unnecessary downtime during commissioning and ramp-up.


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Using a Real Digital Twin of your operation for commissioning and ramp-up can save you a lot of trouble, and save up to 75% of the cost compared to traditional commissioning and ramp-up ad hoc. Normally there are several projects like this ongoing in parallel

 – Andreas Buhlin, Head of Development RDT Digitalisation.

Great value for all industries, all sectors

We stress test the system and find problems early in the project. It’s much cheaper to fix the problems early in the project, than later at the customers site, during commissioning or in production. This radically reduces commissioning and ramp-up time for projects.

By Iterative Way of working, we move activities from commissioning to the development phase as you can see in these graphs. This can also be done in parallel teams. Use cases and business benefits are many throughout the Real Digital Twin life cycle.

The Real Digital Twin Framework explained
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Architecture of AFRY Real Digital Twin

Achitecture of AFRY Real Digital Twin

This technology is a Game Changer as it gives the industry the opportunity to build, test and verify production equipment before its physically available. It generates an exact copy of your production environment with everything it entails with new opportunities. Using this technology, gives increased quality and safety in production as well as greatly increased efficiency in commissioning, among other things.

This is an emulated digital twin. It means that all hardware are built up as virtual hardware.

All signals and its interfaces are built as a programs and connected to a connection platform, SIMIT. This enables us to really stress test all scenarios in the complete system in a structured way. Not just simplified, optimised communication.

The Digital Twin is developed function by function by iterative way of working. Then tested and verified, all disciplined together. This enables better collaboration and communication between all disciplines. Signals that are triggered from a scenario in a machines can be sent exactly like real equipment signals, all the way up to ERP or PLM systems.

This gives higher code quality, ready to implement.

Simulation A simulator copies something from the real word into a virtual environment – often to give you an idea about how something works. It simulates the basic behavior but doesn’t necessarily abide to all the rules of the real environment that it simulates.

Emulation An emulator, on the other hand, duplicates the thing exactly as it exists in real life. The emulation is efficiently a complete imitation of the real thing – it just operates in a virtual environment instead of the real world.


Example from the manufacturing industry
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AFRY Real Digital Twin provides operational efficiency and digitalisation.

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Andreas Buhlin

Head of Development RDT Digitalisation

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