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We offer you one of the most advanced solutions that gathers all the information of the industrial plant in one place

AFRY Virtual Site is our solution for technical information management of the industrial plant.

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Empowering Operational Efficiency through Digital Information Management

In operation and maintenance as well as during investment project implementation, instant access to correct information brings benefit. This is exactly what AFRY Virtual Site, our unique solution for technical information management, will give you.

Our solution serves all phases of the plant - design, engineering, construction, installation, start-up, operation, and maintenance. It is your way towards the digital twin and smart data management. It ensures that the plant’s information capital is always up-to-date and accessible in digital form.

AFRY Virtual Site for project's lifecycle

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AFRY Virtual Site is a unique tool for maintaining technical information of the industrial plant. In operation and maintenance as well as during investment project implementation, instant access to correct information equals competitive edge.

All phases of the plant’s lifecycle are served with AFRY Virtual Site: design, engineering, construction, installation, start-up, operation, maintenance and disinvest. AFRY Virtual Site consists of a 3D model, database and documents all integrated — together they define the actual plant.

AFRY Virtual site offers fast and effective engineering ensuring quality management and guarantees up-to-date information and seamless integration with other plant IT systems. With AFRY Virtual site, all existing plant data can be transferred to the same virtual site.

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VSE consists of its core applications provided as cloud service from AFRY’s IT infrastructure. These are ProElina, Virtual Site Reporting (VSR), Jalina, WebPub, Export/Import, ModeACAD/Mode Plant 3D, and Virtual workspace.



ProElina is a powerful tool for engineering data, forming an essential part of AFRY’s Virtual Site concept. ProElina consists of process, HVAC, mechanical, electrical, and automation engineering functionalities.

Virtual Site Reporting (VSR)

VSR is a creative reporting application for engineering and maintenance purposes used in the Virtual Site concept.


Jalina is used to create and manage loop-specific functional descriptions. Jalina is used through a web browser interface.


WebPub is used for browsing of plant data and documents.


Export/Import application is used for data exchange to and from ProElina.

ModeACAD and Mode Plant 3D

ModeACAD is an AutoCAD application with AFRY VSE setup for 2D drawing production. Mode Plant 3D is an AutoCAD Plant 3D P&ID application with AFRY VSE setup for P&ID drawing production.

Virtual workspace

The virtual desktop environment provides access to needed VSE’s file systems including e.g., graphical symbol libraries, and Autodesk software with appropriate AFRY VSE setup (ModeACAD/AutoCAD Plant 3D).

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Virtual Site / ProElina basic courses:

  1. General introduction to Virtual Site
  2. Process and mechanical engineering
  3. Automation engineering 1
  4. Automation engineering 2
  5. Electrical engineering 1
  6. Electrical engineering 2

Courses are arranged according to need and separate requests.

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AFRY VSE allows to mitigate risks and increase the benefits

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With AFRY Virtual Site, you get efficient management of mechanical, process, electrical, instrumentation, automation and safety engineering data. It also offers precise management of loop-specific functional descriptions, advanced reporting and documentation application for engineering and maintenance purposes. AFRY Virtual Site provides extensive lifecycle follow-up in engineering, installation and commissioning.


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