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Proactive Compliance Management

AFRY Zert CMP is a is a web-based program that gives you full control of your product portfolio’s compliance status, today and for tomorrow. CMP stands for Compliance Management Portal and provides a comprehensive overview of relevant regulations, requirements and activities related to maintain compliance for your products.

It´s all there when you need it

You easily collect, store or link to verifying documents or other confirmative information such as test reports, certificates, risk assessments, technical information, labels, manuals, pictures and any other relevant information.

As the system is cloud based and secured, it´s ready for full cooperation between different departments within a company as well as various locations. Responding to market, authorities or customers in compliance related matters will be fast and easy.


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Save time and enable a proactive way of working

With Zert CMP you have control of the compliance status and easy on demand access to all relevant information. The control enable you to focus on proactive actions rather than fire fighting and reactive way of working, saving time and resources.


  • Provides full portfolio overview
  • One place for all compliance related information and documentation
  • Structured and accessible for everyone all the time
  • Checklists for market specific requirements


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Actual and perspicuous overview

AFRY Zert CMP allows you to quickly get a visual overview of the compliance status of your products. This way you always have control, even over the details with storage or links to necessary information.

All data is updated in real time which mean you directly see whether something is planned, ongoing or finished. At the touch of a button, you can, see which requirements apply, which information that is needed to fulfil requirements. In the same view you also get the information regarding the status of these requirements.


Relevant information and status for any stakeholder

Product owners will have an overview of the status of their products, with the possibility to generate reports.

Invite team members, suppliers, clients and provide opportunity to see the current status and relevant information.

Connecting the dots

When a document is uploaded to AFRY Zert CMP, the reviewer immediately receives a notification, and the review process may begin.

You simply connect relevant directives, standards, legislations applicable to your products and can also couple them to the specific market so you know everything is in place when releasing a new product or placing an existing product on a new market.

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Allows you to follow through the product life cycle

The system manages powerful checklists and guides to support all departments of your company through all stages of product development, supplier communication as well as sales and market.

When a product life ends, you are able to maintain the technical file and other relevant information as required.

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Lucid, Intuitive and Accessible

In AFRY Zert CMP, you gather all documents and link to respective activity in current action plan. You easily get a current overview of the compliance status and when it is ready, all documentation is archived.

Structures and process enables smooth transmission if you need to hand over all, or parts, of the information and way of working.

With AFRY Zert CMP the export and hand over of documentation runs smoothly. The customized templates allows you to export to other systems and file structures.

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Handle large product portfolios

Especially with extensive product portfolios, it may be challenging to administrate compliance documentation in a smooth way. Therefore, AFRY Zert CMP allows you to compile the entire documentation and its status with the touch of a button.

Case handling through AFRY’s Compliance Consultants

Our colleagues offer support in collecting the portfolio and requirements to create move from status quo to the cloud-based, proactive compliance handling accessible for all participants and accelerate the effort.

Experienced Consultants help you to be prepared for upcoming legislation via screening of your portfolio and applying necessary actions

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Integrated Action plan to follow up on work items

CMP includes an action plan where you can schedule and follow up activities connected to your compliance work. Collected at one place, and possible to be synced to existing systems like Jira or Outlook.

Comprehensive overview

The system dashboard visualize the status of an entire portfolio of products and conformity to requirements, market by market as well as customer specific requirements.

Whith Zert CMP you have control of the compliance status and easy on demand access to all relevant information. The control enable you to focus on proactive actions rather than fire fighting and reactive way of working, saving time and resources.

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AFRY Zert CMP is more product and less implementation.

Many features are included due to our experience and continuous development, but for your organization's comfort it can be integrated with existing systems through standardized interfaces. Getting your organization started with full implementation can be fast and organized, with potential for long-lasting relations.


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Smooth supplier input

Request important documents from suppliers with automated reminders and review processes.

The suppliers can upload their own documentation to AFRY Zert CMP and at the very same moment, responsible reviewer receives a notification.

Set up the requirements suppliers must meet and get a clear overview of its status, within their responsibility.

As soon as a supplier uploads a document to AFRY Zert CMP, the person responsible for reviewing the document can start their activity.

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Deviations and risks

You don´t want them but you certainly want to know about the ones you have!

Most important obstacles for reporting of deviations, incidents and other occurrence is accessibility and ease of filling out the initial registration form.

AFRY Zert CMP brings the possibility to collect, store and risk assess potential non-conformities with versatile risk assessment functionality making you able to use tailored risk assessments to support your needs.


Connected automated guided vehicles (AGV)


You can export to other systems and file structures thanks to custom templates so that the line get access and easily continue using the material.

The information you export is always the latest. With the help of automatically generated residual point lists, it is easy to inform everyone involved about remaining activities

Compliance status, checklists, and other relevant documentation are attached to the smart forms that are linked to current action plan.

When for example a project is completed, all safety-related documentation is summarized and archived.

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Monitor the status of your Product Portfolio

By looking at a product portfolio in a matrix structure, product owners and portfolio managers get an overview of how everything is going, without having to go through all the details.

You even have a breakdown structure of products in individual columns and at line level you see each market status. The bars show a summary of which requirements and documentation requirements are planned, ongoing or completed.


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