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Digital Transformation is a megatrend

And at AFRY we are working with this transformation in every aspect. At AFRY we believe that change comes and that it is received in positive spirit when many dimensions are combined. Knowledge, organization, support and, most importantly, culture are some of the key factors for having a successful Digital Transformation program. Our legacy of being a knowledge company and a hub of expertise is no different when it comes to the new digital age. At AFRY we believe that Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning can boost a successful Digital Transformation journey. That is why we have now formed the AFRY AI Guild.

The word guild goes far back in history and describes the unity of a certain craft or role such as judge, wool, silk, and moneychangers. The AFRY divisions Energy, Process, Infrastructure, and Industrial Solutions represent our core offerings. Starting in January 2022 the new division AFRY X will be the hub of our digital expertise, but across our large organization of 16 000 consultants there are many more experts with a digital profile.  

To span the whole of AFRY and drive the area of Artificial Intelligence forward, AFRY AI Guild has now been put in place.  


The AFRY AI Guild is a group of around 20 people (limited seats) who are deeply knowledgeable of AI or have worked with applications that implement AI/ML algorithms. The profiles are a mixed ranging from academics, including numerous PhD degree members, to industry experts. All contribute with different and important domains of expertise.  

The members of the AFRY AI Guild are ambassadors in the area of AI, but also in the broader sense when it comes to Digital Transformation. By making their voices heard in various media, both within and outside of AFRY, they contribute to the idea of having a sound digitalization of our society by means of the most powerful techniques available. They will also place AFRY as a natural and respected player on the international stage of AI.


When the AI Guild meets a range of topics will be discussed. The guild master is responsible for setting the agenda. It could be ways of working like for instance ML-Ops, tools for data scientists, new algorithms and techniques, and ethical matters. The atmosphere is friendly and open, and all members of the guild are encouraged to share their points of view.  


The AI Guild does not only arrange meetings in secret rooms. There will also be other activities, sometimes open to a broader audience, such as seminars with invited speakers, marketing campaigns, and workshops. The guild has failed if its existence has passed unnoticed.  

Henrik Mårtensson - Section Manager for AI, BI, and Data Analytics
Henrik Mårtensson
Section Manager for AI, BI, and Data Analytics

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