Asset Management for Industrial Digitalisation

We help you achieve a smooth, cost-effective transition to industrial digitalisation, where you can run assets to the maximum capacity as well as reduce cost for maintenance and unplanned shutdowns.

When digitalising a factory, old legacy systems usually need to be combined with new smart solutions. However, the cost for replacing all utilities, systems and software at the same time can be high. If implementation instead is made step by step, the cost and the risk level can be more attractive. New technology is released in roadmaps from suppliers, and Asset Management helps you to plan what steps to take, when and how.

Very few plants start from scratch, so let us help you get the best from 5G by combining new utilities, old utilities, new software and old software.

Services included in utility mapping are:
  • Pre study
  • Road map and change management
  • Hardware – combining new and old
  • Software – combining new and old
  • Proof of concept
Gustav Sandberg - Business Area Manager Cyber Security
Gustav Sandberg
Business Area Manager Cyber Security

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