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Blue Foods

AFRY provides key expertise for the future of Blue Foods

AFRY offers a unique combination of know-how and support, ranging from guidance and advice to delivery and operations, all along the value chain of Blue Food projects.

Combining our strategic thinking with our vast engineering abilities to deliver the best project according to the specific needs of the client. We understand that every project is different, and therefore no solution is the same.

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Blue foods are foods that are captured or cultivated from the ocean, rivers, lakes, ponds, raceways, and tanks. They derive from aquatic animals, plants, or algae and offer many possibilities for creating nutrition that is healthy, diversified, empowering, and environmentally sustainable.

Blue foods are one of the world’s most highly traded food products and provide a livelihood for millions. It is also critical for global food supply and nutrition security around the globe. As the world sees an ever-growing population the demand for Blue food is steadily rising, increasing pressure on the already fragile aquatic environment. This growth has determined a wave of investments and a corresponding technological development in recent years. It is known that aquaculture is among the fastest-growing food sectors.

The interest in Blue Foods and the sector has gained notoriety besides increased food production. Blue food projects often result in a combination of a good return on investment, a positive impact on local communities due to the local food production, and very sustainable ways of producing healthy and tasty food.

fish farming blue food
Swiss Alpine Fish, Salmon farm. A project in collaboration with WWF to assess the wellbeing of the fish.
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Every investor knows that this sector is challenging and complex, and the way to achieve such wonderful results is a hard path to follow. Starting from developing the correct business plan, choosing the right location for a project, properly assessing the technical and economic feasibility, evaluating the available resources and finding a way to exploit them, obtaining the permits, choosing the right technologies, managing complex contracts, etc. developing your project may feel like a daunting task.

At AFRY, we have the knowledge and expertise that can support your project all along the project life cycle. From evaluating project feasibility to project implementation, we will support and assist you in all areas of the value chain, in a real context of a circular economy, and in several countries, creating positive business synergies to solve every issue that could come up along the way.

Technical blue food
Basis 57, Pike perch farm. AFRY uses 3D and BIM tools to plan and coordinate land based fish farm projects. This allows to optimise the use of space and avoid coordination problems during the construction..
Basis 57, Pike perch farm. Post nursery PE water tanks during the commissioning. In order to optimise the business plan to the client, a strategy with an anticipated commissioning of this part of the farm, was implemented.


We assist our clients with independent advice during the initial investment phase, require a full-scale EPCM or EPC project execution partner for a new greenfield plant, a rebuild, or conversion project – we are here to help from concept to closure.

Our geographical presence and ability to develop projects at international levels, allow us to support our clients in different markets always ensuring both the local know-how and the best centre of excellence know-how.

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Our experience includes projects within the sectors of:

  • fish farming (either land-based with RAS technology or mariculture),
  • fish processing,
  • fish by-products valorization,
  • fish feeding,
  • fish vaccines.

We take care of all the synergetic projects that could be necessary to exploit the farming activities or those that could add great value to the project. We develop the following additional features: wastewater treatment plant, biogas plant, vertical farming/aquaponics/algae farming, and energy systems – considering the available local sources and developing a dedicated energy strategy.



Within aquaculture, AFRY has experience with different fish species like salmon, pike perch, cod, trout, tuna, and oysters.

  • We develop projects according to the following main steps, performing what is needed by our clients to reach their goals:Business idea/Business plan definition according to the specific market
  • Site selection
  • Technology supplier selection
  • Feasibility assessment
  • Environmental assessment
  • Energy evaluations and strategy
  • Sustainability studies
  • Conceptual design
  • Basic Design
  • Permit application
  • Tender / Contract
  • Detail Design
  • Construction
  • Commissioning


Fish farming
Basis 57, Pike perch farm. A general view of the RAS tanks with biofilters. This area is an example of the implementation of several needs, like minimising the dimensions of the project and having proper operational and maintenance space.
Swiss lachs landed based fish farming
Swiss Alpine Fish, Salmon farm. Developing a full project of a land based fish farm means managing with many necessary topics to achieve success. RAS and fish processing technology are crucial, but logistics, visitor centres, shops is important to.

Through these phases, we bring our key competencies in the following fields:

  • Project Management
  • Process technology
  • Plant engineering
  • Energy balance optimization
  • Sustainability
  • Logistics
  • Electrical, automation, and IT design
  • Industrial Digitalization
  • Quality Assurance
  • Commissioning, Qualification, and Validation
  • Requirement Management
  • Supplier Quality Assurance
  • Technical Documentation/ Communication
  • Environment, Health & Safety regulations
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

We deeply understand the business, experienced project managers and engineers, experts in the technologies, and always have our priorities within innovative and energy-saving solutions. Everything is combined to create the best solution for your investments and the environment.

Claudio Ferro - Head of Business Unit Food & Pharma Switzerland
Claudio Ferro
Head of Business Unit Food & Pharma Switzerland

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