AFRY + Gapminder Jonas Gustavsson and Anna Rosling Rönnlund

Community protection and emergency management

Safe and resilient communities

AFRY makes society safer and less vulnerable through community protection and preparedness.

Through AFRY's expertise in community protection and preparedness, we help build sustainable societies. We do this by increasing the ability of our partners to manage various events - from crises to everyday risks. We improve their ability to withstand challenging developments and quickly be able to manage the current situation.

Social protection and emergency preparedness issues are broad and touch many areas. The risk analyses done here are usually qualitative and holistic, taking several different perspectives or risk scenarios into account. They complement the classical quantitative analysis.

We have extensive experience of conducting risk and vulnerability analyses for municipalities, counties and authorities. This includes accident prevention, community protection and emergency preparedness from governmental to municipal level.


  • Risk and vulnerability analysis
  • Resilience
  • Investigation / analysis of civil defence
  • Dependency analysis
  • Energy contingency planning
  • Municipal action programs
  • Social risk analyses
  • Method development in crisis preparedness
  • Safety
  • Fire prevention
  • Emergency Management

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