Connected automated guided vehicles (AGV)

Connected Automated Guided Vehicles

AGV:s, automated guided vehicles, the portable robots that can use radio signals for navigation, are often used in industrial applications to transport heavy materials around a large industrial buildings. One of the challenges are the loss of coverage when the vehicle goes from indoor Wi-Fi to outdoor Wi-Fi. In addition, large amount of Wi-fi antennas can create an administrative burden.

For increased effectivity, we help you run the factory trucks to the maximum capacity, focus on continuous operation as well as a coordinated workforce to ensure minimal disruption.

For improved logistics our approach is to:
  • Investigate existing Wi-Fi solution, to optimise it.
  • Define the same use case with a future safe 5G solution or other cellular solution.
  • Radio design and system integration.
  • Security audit of the solution.
  • Implementation and go-live.
Gustav Sandberg
Business Unit Manager, Cyber & Communication Systems

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