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Consulting & Advisory

Industry leading Project Management and internationally recognized Asset Management advisory services.

Asset Management Advisory

Asset Management advisory services includes evaluation and roadmapping, including Institute for Asset Management (IAM) endorsed maturity assessments, gap analyses and preparation for ISO55001 certifications. This will help your organisation identify and implement structured improvement projects at a strategic, operational and tactical level, leading to increased Asset Management maturity, reduced costs, managed risk and aligned delivery of business objectives. Our commitment is about tailoring it to your current pain points, which could cover all Asset Management areas or a particular focus subject.

We bring specialized expertise in supporting the organisational change required to achieve your asset management vision and objectives. This could include governance around maintaining and reviewing asset management capabilities or process enhancements to align with asset management objectives.

A key specialism in our Consulting & Advisory services also includes our proven approach and set of tools to help our customers implement and reach a data-driven asset management state. From current – to future state, including the three critical factors Human, Process and IT. The end result is when decisions are based on sound, solid and analyzed data. This toolbox process is constantly evolving through innovation and ongoing engagements, ensuring that the support you receive is the highest quality and benchmarked against other asset management businesses.

Any support we provide is always closely tied to other service offerings to enable improvements across the breadth of activities in your asset management system. One of the key areas this can also cover is how your asset management activities can address sustainability targets and making assets more resilient to the affects of climate change.

Project Management

Our objective is to ensure sustainably and consistently, high quality delivery of projects that meet and exceeds your expectations. Our commitment to the project and relationship covers various critical project management areas. These are incorporated from PRINCE2 as best practices to ensure smooth delivery of the project, whilst considering a tailoring of the processes can be made depending on the business need. These areas are:

  • Continue Business Justification
  • Learn From Experience
  • Manage Risks & Opportunities
  • Define Roles & Responsibilities
  • Focus on Products
  • Manage Change
  • Tailor to Suite the Project
  • Manage by Stages
  • Manage by Exceptions
Fredrik Nerman - Key Account Manager
Fredrik Nerman
Key Account Manager

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