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Cyber Security

We help you to map, design and procure secure IT systems

We work with proven processes to identify all of your needs and requirements throughout the system’s lifecycle, providing full traceability in all implemented and certified solutions.

The field of cyber security is becoming increasingly complex as we become more and more dependent on IT solutions to manage ongoing digitisation. Here at AFRY, we are only too happy to break new ground with you.  We combine our own cybersecurity expertise with an in-depth technical understanding of your specific organisation. This is a prerequisite for preventing and managing cyber threats.

We offer:
  • Requirements management
  • Information security architecture
  • Process support
  • A holistic perspective 


We like to contribute early in your change work and systems development by providing a holistic perspective and proven processes, standards and methods. We support you by:

  • Ensuring that overarching IT and data security needs and requirements are broken down and allocated as necessary. 
  • Designing secure IT architecture and secure information systems.
  • Participating in procurement and supplier monitoring; for example, regarding processes, technical solutions and requirement fulfilment.

Filip Enander

Section Manager Cyber

Gustav Sandberg

Business Unit Manager, Cyber & Communication Systems