Illustration of chain links, each made of hundreds of digital connections

Cyber Security and IT/OT Systems

A proactive and well defined process for IT and OT security helps your production and reduces risks

Processes for OT security are often based on how things are usually done. Now, the amount of data and the number of systems connected to the core of the factory’s OT system will only grow. That increases the complexity and demands on OT security.

A fierce competition makes all data regarding production a major part of the company asset, and data will be stored and distributed in new ways due to industrial digitalisation. Also, the connection between OT (production/MES) and IT (ERP) draws special attention and requires a broad competence base in security. Here, we protecty you with structure, processes and well educated staff.

AFRY's approach within OT & Cyber Security is based on:
  • Security and Business analysis
  • Risk & vulnerability analysis
  • Information security and Physical security
  • Policy, Guidelines, Instruction
  • Special import/export solution
Filip Enander
Section Manager Cyber

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