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Delivery Models: Managed Agile Teams

High performing agile teams with many years of experience

Being one of the pioneers in delivering Managed Agile Teams, AFRY has the processes, experience and know-how to build efficient teams, easily adapted to your organization. We build highly competent and versatile teams and our client experience range from Telecom and Automotive to Medtech and IT.

In order to seize an upcoming business opportunity, client organizations often face situations where the number of products in parallel development is higher than their current capacity, or competence requirements of certain products outside of their employees’ competence set. AFRY Managed Agile Teams is an extended muscle to that client organization with the benefits of:

  • Fast ramp-up & ramp-down
  • No need for time consuming & expensive recruitment process
  • Access to AFRY’s competence network of 17 000 employees and 35 000 partners
  • No client need for management, team coaching/follow-up
  • Access to AFRY’s vast experience in Agile methodologies and ways of working

The client’s agile organization is responsible for defining the competence & capacity needed and appoint a Product Owner steering the teams’ work through a prioritized backlog. Based on this information the AFRY Team Manger uses well established processes and methods in order to form a high performing team ready to reinforce the client organization bridging their current gap in competence or capacity.

Key offerings
  • High performing teams
  • Cross-functional teams
  • Off-site teams
  • Fast ramp-up                                                             
  • Knowledge injection to client organization
Thony Johansson
Head of PDO & Business, Connected Products

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