Delivery Models: Project Delivery Organization (PDO)

To meet the market’s increasing demand for managed outsourced assignments, AFRY has formed a specialized organization for this purpose - Project Delivery Organization (PDO).

The PDO at AFRY has over 10 years of experience in delivering solutions through a highly efficient methodology that can be adapted to any client. One of the keys to success is careful management and continuous improvement of our intellectual and structural capital.

Our established processes with integrated governance structures enable us to take on full responsibility for an entire project or product lifecycle while keeping the client continuously involved in the assignment’s execution.

To meet the varying needs of our clients, the PDO offers three delivery models; Managed Agile Teams, Projects and Product Lifecycle Management.

The set-up will be designed and optimized for the specific assignment as well as the client’s desired level of involvement.

In addition, PDO at AFRY is an experienced partner when it comes to coaching our clients on how to introduce, maintain and reinforce agile WoW and Lean principles within their organizations.

Key offerings
  • Managed Agile Teams
  • Full Projects delivery
  • Product Lifecycle Management
Thony Johansson
Head of PDO & Business, Connected Products

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