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We provide you with technical know how and supportive tools to drive data-driven asset management decision

What excites us every day is collaborating and working with organisations to maximise the benefits of having data-driven asset management decisions. Insights are only as good as the information they’re based on. We continuously strive to make sure asset information and data is of the highest quality and efficiency through our EAM, Software and Solutions services. Beside the basics, this can also cover advanced planning and portfolio management capabilities. Not only does good data resemble an asset by itself but developing and enabling data-driven decisions also creates opportunities for continuous learning, strengthens long-term competence and mitigates risks.

EAM and Software

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 Data-driven strategic asset management

The Mobility Infrastructure Asset Management (MIAM) suite is a software suite designed to manage an entire asset portfolio from a strategic perspective based on its available data. Its main focus is to provide a purely data-driven perspective on the condition of big asset portfolios, with the ability to derive financial needs for ongoing renewal and maintenance. By structuring the data into relevant dimensions, MIAM allows for a well-rounded perspective on the decision drivers for strategical asset management. This further enables a well prepared and differentiated negotiation strategy with the funding authorities.

The structured approach of MIAM allows for portfolio information to be broken down into key dimensions, such as:

  • Quality aspects that drive asset management decisions (e.g. substance, availability, safety, functionality, compliance)
  • Geographic regions
  • Network lines and key areas of responsibility
  • Organisational departments or key areas of technical expertise

MIAM is built modular and comprises several modules, with the key features being:

  • Data-based condition evaluation of the network and its assets
  • Forecast of budget requirements for renewal and maintenance as well as work
  • Network-wide planning of the renewal of assets with focus on upcoming financing periods
  • Life-cycle management of assets and life-cycle cost optimisation
  • Unit cost management for maintenance and renewal
  • Unit cost data capturing
  • Data quality anchoring and monitoring


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AFRY is equipped with a well-rounded variety of asset management experts from various fields and industry sectors. We combine this expertise with an internal software development team to not only maintain and grow our standard software products, but also develop bespoke solutions based on our customers’ individual requirements.

Our approach here it to combine an approach of consulting, IT project management and software development. Our goal is to first understand our customers’ business needs thoroughly to be able to present tailored solutions and take away most of the conceptual workload from our customers. We know the key challenge is to properly translate business requirements into IT solutions. Combined with an agile software development process, this aims towards maximum flexibility for our customers in taking on the challenges of digitalisation.

Bespoke solutions can range from operating/maintaining customer custom-developed tools to designing new solutions from scratch. For this, we offer flexible business models for our customers like Software-as-a-Service, as well as conducting any development on customer-provided hosting environments.

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IBM Maximo is an Intelligent asset management, monitoring, predictive maintenance and reliability tool in one single platform.

Get the most value from your enterprise assets with Maximo Application Suite. It’s a single, integrated cloud-based platform that uses AI, IoT and analytics to optimize performance, extend asset lifecycles and reduce operational downtime and costs.
With market-leading technology from IBM Maximo®, you’ll have access to configurable CMMS, EAM and APM applications, along with streamlined installation and administration, plus a better user experience with shared data and workflows.

Key features of Maximo Application Suite:

  • Leverage market-leading EAM, mobility, add-ons and industry models
  • Enhance reliability with AI-powered monitoring, inspection and predictive maintenance
  • Only pay for what you actually use, with simplified licensing
  • Use multicloud deployment for greater flexibility

AFRY is one the leading Business partners and industry experts on IBM Maximo and we actively participate in the development of the software with IBM. We have extensive and highly skilled experience and expertise in a technical and functional level on IBM Maximo.

We have a full life cycle delivery from prestudy, new implementation/upgrade, classroom and digital training as well as application management/support.

IBM Maximo's harmonization of Human, Process and IT is always included as a layer in our deliveries. From Maximo's point of view, it is very much about using best practice based on both system set-up, data, processes and the degree of maturity of the business. Everything to create the most value from a data-driven maintenance operation.

Read more about IBM Maximo application suite.

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Novacura Flow is a versatile software suite that helps modify and widely expand Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems.

Novacura Flow is a low-code platform, where customers can build their own ERP applications by simply drawing them in a specific app designer. Novacura Flow goes beyond the low-code definition, as it also offers business process management (BPM) capabilities and connectivity features typically reserved for integration platforms.

With end-user applications that can run on every chosen device and the extensive library of industry applications available on the Novacura Marketplace, Novacura Flow is the most complete software package to eliminate the limitations of ERP systems.

With Novacura Flow, your maintenance and field service technicians have all the information they need for their daily activities, right in the palm of their hand—even when they’re in the middle of nowhere.

AFRY is a business partner with Novacura, specialised in the asset management domain and usage of the Flow product.

Read more about the Novacura Flow solution

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Packaged Services

AFRY DNA Arrow pointing right

Data-Based Current State Analysis - a current picture of your maintenance data and its quality.

We deliver clear insights and recommendations on how you can improve both data quality and processes in your maintenance operations. We also provide solutions to how you can take the next step towards world-class data-driven asset management.

With our ready-made analysis tools, we analyze data from your maintenance system and with our calculation models, we generate insights into your current situation and improvement potential towards data-driven maintenance planning.

In addition to providing important data regarding the current state and situation of asset systems, your data will also contain many truths about how to maintain the status of the facilities. For example, maintenance efficiency, planning efficiency, data quality, distribution of maintenance work, etc.

We use these truths to outline a roadmap for future steps so that you get the right results in the right order.

Our DNA service is delivered at a fixed price regardless of the EAM system you are using.
Normal delivery time of 4-6 weeks.

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Find savings and efficiency potentials in your spare part operations. We are focused on optimizing the capital tie-up in relation to the shortage costs that may arise.

With our ready-made analysis tool, we analyze your spare part data from your maintenance system/business system and with our calculation models we generate insights into the status of your warehouse and present improvement potentials.

We bring sizeable experience and exposure to similar projects in the identification and execution of efficiency opportunities of warehouse operations.

Among other things, we can provide:

  • Volume value analysis including proposals for A, B and C classification
  • Proposal for classification of materials into insurance, consumables and non consumables
  • Optimization proposal for the A-rated material
  • Proposal for scrapping of articles
  • Proposals for goals and key figures, as well as how the work should be carried forward based on the analysis

Our Spare part optimization service is delivered at a fixed price regardless of the EAM system you are using.
Normal delivery time of 4-6 weeks.

Jan Steinwand - Manager, R&D and MIAM Software
Jan Steinwand
Manager, R&D and MIAM Software

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Henrik Nyström - Manager, Data Driven Maintenance
Henrik Nyström
Manager, Data Driven Maintenance

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