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Forest Valuation

We offer forest valuations to determine forests' worth and compare their value to current market prices. Our forest valuations combine state-of-the-art forest modelling tools, comprehensive market data and automated routines to provide cost-efficient and accurate forest valuations. Our valuations build on our expert knowledge of industry best practices for forest valuation approaches. We support you in making well-informed decisions when considering, for example, forest estate acquisitions and sales.

Forest valuation services

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In principle, while forest asset valuations could be conducted with a comparable sales approach, the heterogeneity of forests and even in plantations (species, yields, terrain) inhibit trustworthy comparisons even within relatively small geographical regions. Following the industry’s best practices, we typically use the income approach to value forest assets. To achieve this, and thanks to our extensive experience in building the industry’s leading forest simulators and optimisation systems, we use our proprietary software to project discounted cash flows and attain income approach-based value.  

We have adapted our methods to be compatible with the IFRS and GAAP standards. The required inputs for the valuation process include forest inventory data, management objectives and market data. Because of multiple factors, such as location-specific issues, information availability, or reporting requirements, the valuation of companies’ forest assets requires tailoring as well as expert judgement. The depth of each valuation is always mutually agreed upon on a client basis.

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We take advantage of our highly automated routines for forest valuations aimed at entities that actively acquire and sell forest assets. Our tools can efficiently process large forest areas, even over hundreds of thousands of hectares, and produce their future harvesting schedules and consequent cash flows. Our services deliver critical information for the clients' due diligence processes in accurately capturing the value of the target forests.

With our tools and processes, forest transaction valuations can be automated to a large extent. We maintain comprehensive market databases, which enable us to provide cash flow analyses on forest assets cost-efficiently and rapidly.

Moreover, AFRY Management Consulting offers comprehensive due diligence on forest transactions.

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  • Cost-effective and detailed reporting of discounted cash flows of any forest asset

  • Reporting compatible with the IFRS and GAAP standards

  • Result database which takes advantage of accumulated expertise in growth and yield modelling, and timber markets

  • Analysis of varied scenarios codesigned with the client, including ones that consider sustainability targets or carbon stock impacts

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  • Forestry companies  

  • Investors

  • Forest owners

  • Forest asset managers

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AFRY Smart Forestry Products

Comprehensive forestry software for strategic, tactical and operational planning.

AFRY Smart Forestry uses innovative software, state-of-the-art forestry technology and modern forestry techniques to improve forest management operations. Our products provide reliable information by mapping, optimising, monitoring and continuously learning about the forest supply chain's life cycle and functions.

We provide forest valuation services using our own AFRY Smart Forestry Software.

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Miika Malmström

Head of Valuation Services

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Jack Lonsdale

Senior Principal, AFRY Management Consulting

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