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Hydro Engineering and Consulting

Consulting Services for Energy Sector

Offering a full set of energy sector consulting services tailored for energy companies, investors and public authorities everywhere in the world, AFRY services the entire ecosystem of energy sector assets, organizations and processes.

Our value is based on the seamless combination of expertise in energy business, regulation, economics and engineering, and a large pool of experienced and skilled professionals who have worked for many years within Energy consulting.

Economic Analysis & Regulation

Advising companies on optimising their performance, AFRY improves profitability within the regulatory environment with services related to shaping policy and regulatory regimes in mature energy markets. By producing financial and economic analysis and studies, we furnish advanced policy and strategic solutions for national and regional markets.

  • Regulatory analysis and advice for private players
  • Financial and Economic analysis and impact studies
  • Tariffs design and support in tariff revision processes for public and private agents
  • Regulatory accounting
  • Competition policies design, implementation and monitoring
  • Disputes and litigation services Energy procurement assistance to big energy consumers
  • PPA, FSA, implementation agreements
  • MOU negotiation assistance
  • Regulatory, financial and market due diligence or assessment in the power and gas sector
  • Financial re-structuring of utilities
  • Business or asset valuation.

Regulatory Design for Energy Markets

Advising governments and regulators on the design of wholesale and retail electricity markets, AFRY has developed tailor-made policies for promoting renewable energies and energy efficiency.

Internationally and regionally, we have assisted multilateral agencies and ministerial teams with defining the institutional and regulatory framework for the development of regional interconnection and cross-country trading initiatives.

We have also advised on developing the appropriate regulatory and contractual provisions for regulated activities.

Training & Know-How Transfer

State of the art training and know-how transfer keeps you in the frontline of the industry.

With 1,000+ consultancy professionals around the globe who work alongside our clients to generate distinctive insights and proprietary knowledge, we provide a unique set of capabilities and depth of experience.

Our programmes are delivered by some of the industry's leading experts, providing valuable industry insights and expertise, improving market awareness and brand value, thus increasing your competitive advantage.

Our training and know-how transfer programmes include:

  • Customized learning modules about design of hydropower plants, project economics, environmental and social safeguards, business model, operation systems, and leadership, etc.
  • Trainings with greater involvement by OEMs in the hydro industry
  • Classroom and computer-based learning solutions
  • Workshops / seminars
  • On the job trainings
  • Study tours
  • Live demonstration of various construction techniques from our ongoing projects
  • Institutional capacity building

Dedicated Engineering Advisors

Large hydropower projects with many stakeholders tend to get a bit complex. We provide consultants with in-depth knowledge, making sure everything goes according to plan while keeping the investment risk to a minimum.

With 1,000+ consultancy professionals working alongside our clients worldwide, AFRY supports investors and project owners in all aspects of a hydropower project where we help identify opportunities while avoiding or minimizing risks.

Our owner's / lender's engineers can help shape a project dimension and scope, select location and technology, as well as define interfaces and schedule in the projects conceptual stage. They can also support clients with the development of a project execution plan and contracting strategy during project inception.

Through project controls and design optimization, they support clients to reduce overall project costs and to ensure that our clients comply with environmental and social regulations.

Our owner’s engineer services include:

  • Site selection
  • Schedule analysis and optimization
  • Feasibility and project planning analysis and alternatives analysis
  • Project evaluation
  • Technical commercial specifications
  • Procurement
  • Complete construction management, supervision and commissioning services (incl. system turnover, start-up tests, punch lists, performance testing, etc.)
  • Contract negotiations
  • Environmental reviews

Our lender’s engineer services include:

  • Project review (technical due diligence)
  • Assessing and evaluating the budget (commercial due diligence)
  • Engineering, procurement and construction schedule review
  • Monitoring construction progress and fund utilization
  • Project cost and trending analysis
  • Proposing potential corrective measures to prevent time and cost overruns
  • Ensuring Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) compliance
  • Quality assurance at project site
  • Annual operational review

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