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Inclusive Design

Challenge initial assumptions

You know the trouble of Band-Aid in different skin tones? Darker skin tone options are often very hard to find, despite the diverse range of skin tones in our society.

The trap we fall into is assuming that everyone shares our experiences. That's why it's crucial to challenge our initial assumptions and delve deeper into user needs. And think of inclusive design.

Bias is also prevalent in our digital services, where we often overlook the needs of individuals different from ourselves. For instance, many services require a specific digital ID inadvertently excluding those who do not have it.

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As our lives become increasingly intertwined with digital media, accessibility is vital. We're thrilled that the Accessibility Directive will be implemented on June 28th, 2025, marking a significant victory for human rights. To ensure your digital service is accessible, we offer audits, helping you understand its current level of accessibility and updating the design and system to align with WCAG. This process will also enhance your overall approach to design and accessibility.  

Avoiding Biases in Design

All designs have the potential to include or exclude users. The more inclusive the service or product is, the more beneficial it is for your business. Through user research, usability testing, workshops to identify biases, and the development of design systems, we can help you create designs that better cater to diverse users.

Inclusive Way of Working

Creating an inclusive work environment is the foundation for success and ensures compliance with laws like the one sprung from the Accessibility Directive. By championing human rights, contributing to a better society, and enhancing profitability, embracing an inclusive way of working becomes an essential aspect of your business.


Our team has expertise in design, facilitation, cognitive bias avoidance, and user research. It's crucial to prioritize accessibility and inclusive design from the project's inception. The ideal time to begin is now – let's start a conversation.

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