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Senior advisory for digitalisation in Industry and Manufacturing

Industrial digitalisation is a daunting task. Many industrial companies have been satisfied with having reached a good level of automation and of having introduced a lot of digital technologies into operations. Now they find themselves overwhelmed by the new challenges of how to implement digitalisation.

Industrial Digitalisation Advisory Services (IDAS) at AFRY assists company management in creating a digitalisation vision and strategy to direct future investments in production-related digital solutions.

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When everything is being connected and integrated, we often find that current best practice prevents us from scaling up. Complexity tends to increase exponentially.

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In order to steer clear in these new waters, a pilot is needed as a guide. The rules of the game has changed and several parts of our current way of working with technology, projects and governance must change.

IDAS provides a unique service in this domain. Our team consists of senior advisors, with a deep industry and manufacturing background, paired with a thorough understanding on how we can make digitalisation work.

We take on assignments on digitalisation strategy, IT/OT governance and transformation journeys, as well as enterprise architecture, project and program management, and change management. We also help you set up a practical pilot to test your ideas, or roll out your digitalisation program.

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The Digitalisation Fast Track model

Our core model for running digital transformations is the Digitalisation Fast Track. It consists of four main parts:

-  Awareness and knowledge: Get everyone on the same page.

-  Strategic track: Create the vision, set the direction, and design how to get there.

-  Transformation track: Turn plans into action, coordinate and manage change.

-  Practical track: Prove the concepts with real working pilots, and roll-out.


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Features of the Fast Track method

The Digitalisation Fast Track is a proven method for turning the promise of digitalisation into reality. It combines domain knowledge from industrial operations, with best practice from areas that are fundamental in digital transformation, like architecture, data management, IT/OT governance etc.

All in all it makes up a framework for digital transformation.


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Industrial Digitalisation in the Nordics 2020, full report

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Martin Puhv - Section Manager, Industrial Digitalisation
Martin Puhv
Section Manager, Industrial Digitalisation

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