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The energy industry is one of the most dynamic sectors, constantly creating new ideas. Utilities want to tap into external innovation ecosystems to build the energy business of tomorrow, while startups are looking to partner with utilities to scale up their innovations.

In the past, established utilities pursuing innovative and decentralised solutions to their most pressing business issues have been launching international incubators or using open innovation platforms to slim down inefficient processes.

As it has become apparent that relying solely on internal research or incremental steps is no longer efficient, utilities are now sourcing disruptive ideas and solutions from the international and digital start-up community. However, finding the right ideas and business cases can prove complicated and time consuming.

Did you know that AFRY has a digital platform for tracking startups in the energy sector?

By tapping into the web-based Pöyry Innovation Link (#PoyryInnovationLink) platform, utilities or venture capital investors have an easy and up-to-date access to a marketplace-evaluated ecosystem of energy and energy related startups in Europe. The platform helps you to connect with startups, monitor the innovation landscape, follow current trends, identify the right business models and spot the ideal concept at an early stage. 

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The hotspots for energy startups in Europe

Based on the profound expertise of AFRY within the energy sector, AFRY's Innovation Link follows European ideas on a regular basis and refines selected data from various sources such as accelerators, universities and innovation hubs.

The service filters startups by several criteria and aggregates the relevant data in the following categories: Technology, Energy Management, so-called Bundled Products, Blockchain, as well as Mobility services and solutions. The data is updated continuously to capture a maximum number of startups. 

Contact our experts to get full access to the database and its benefits.

Currently 508 Startups
Located in 26 countries
Available on 1 platform
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Innovation Link

Robert Schwarz
Principal, AFRY Management Consulting

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