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Integrated Logistics Support (ILS)

Provides reliable systems and an optimised cost structure

Integrated Logistics Support, ILS, is a management approach to plan and develop optimized support for systems in order to assure the right availability throughout the lifecycle.

ILS can be utilized in each step of a system or product creation in order to achieve the highest operational availability possible at the lowest conceivable Life Cycle Cost (LCC), which ultimately increases investment returns. Developed with the primary intention to ensure operational availability of military equipment, Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) is now also implemented in the commercial sector.

Our clients receive cost effective solutions through us tailoring the scope of ILS to suit the specific needs of the system or product, for example its complexity and required availability, and trading off against LCC if necessary. We work towards the naval and telecom industry and our reference projects include LE services to defence sector suppliers as well as ILS aid to numerous projects within the Swedisch Defence Material Administration.

AFRY’s ILS Managers collaborate with project managers and system engineers to develop creative concepts and strategies. Working towards the goals from sets of requirements for the technical designs and maintenance solutions, we deliver a reliable and cost-effective system through creative problem-solving and forward thinking.

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    Logistics Engineering

    For improved system availability, we support you in:

    • Life Cycle Management (LCM)
    • Reliability Maintainability Testability (RM&T)
    • Logistics Support Analysis (LSA)
    • Life Cycle Cost Analysis (LCCA)
    • Failure Mode, Effects and Criticality Analysis (FMECA)
    • Supply Support
    • Codification & Data
    • Failure Reporting and Corrective Actions System (FRACAS)

    Technical Publications

    AFRY produces and maintains technical publications such as manuals, repair books, maintenance plans, drawings and system descriptions. We can support you with the following:

    • Information Needs Analysis
    • Structure and organization of the of the documentation system.
    • Publication requirements
    • Production and updates
    • Publishing of documentation
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    Training and Simulation is a key part of AFRY’s Defence offering within Systems Engineering and ILS.

    AFRY approaches Training from a Systems Lifecycle perspective, based on internationally recoqnized processes and management systems, such as

    • ADDIE
    • DSAT
    • JSP-822
    • S6000T
    • MIL-HDBK 29612-2A

    AFRY offers a broad spectrum of Training related services that cover entire system lifecycle, uncluding Training Needs Analysis, Training Design, Training Delivery and Assurance and Training Management.

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    Training Needs Analysis

    Training Needs Analysis helps the end user save money and realize the full capacity of a system by identifying and prioritizing training needs, identifying training options and suggesting a suitable training mix to optimize training effect. It can also be used to identify and remove unnecessary or duplicate training in an existing system.


    AFRY has partnered with Canada BNH Expert Software to provide a software platform for Training Needs Analysis.

    BNH Training Management System ADVISOR Enterprise simplifies and speeds training needs analysis; as well as drives training efficiency by aligning current and future training activities to operational requirements to identify gaps, duplications, and training with minimal value. BNH are trusted by global customers withing education, industry aerospace and defence.

    Training Design

    Well-conceived training systems design is key to training effectiveness and is based on many factors including the outcome of the Training Needs Analysis and the input from key users and stakeholders.

    AFRY will guide you all the way from draft requirements to final specification and support your organization in procurement and tender evaluation.

    Training Delivery and Assurance

    AFRY has a proven track record helping our clients deliver and evaluate training and training systems. We support our clients with project management, verification and validation support, evaluation of training effectiveness, and other services related to training delivery and assurance. We have helped clients procure and commission training systems within the air, land and sea domains.

    Other training systems & services

    As a full-service engineering and design company, AFRY can also offer training of trainers and operators as well as inhouse production of training courses and specialized training content, as well as hardware and software design and development. Contact us for more information.

    Our reference projects include:  
    • LE services to defence sector suppliers
    • ILS aid to numberous projects within The Swedish Defence Material Administration  
    • Naval industry
    • Telecom industry
    Peter Sidenbladh - Section Manager System Lifecycle Solutions
    Peter Sidenbladh
    Section Manager System Lifecycle Solutions

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