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Landscape architecture

AFRY’s services in landscape architecture

We are an energetic and engaged group of Landscape Architects, Plan Architects, Urban Designers, and Ecologists, underpinned by the support and strength of our skilled multi-disciplinary AFRY colleagues. Our uniquely experienced team contains varied skill-sets and personalities, meaning whatever the challenges posed we can efficiently deliver quality and design flair.  

We know that good design promotes a sense of place and invites life in, shaping and enhancing identity. Whether it’s beautiful squares, playful schools, functional streets, valuable forests or unique parks, we are passionate about creating values that last over time. We always strive to strengthen links to the site’s history whilst creating something new that will be used by our children and grandchildren for generations to come.

We create inspiring, distinctive and sustainable places across all scales, each specifically tailored to respond to the unique requirements of the local context. Our strategic approach to design creates inspirational and vibrant spaces which enhance people’s wellbeing and sense of place. This can be seen throughout our portfolio, whether it be landscape for educational or health, infrastructure, public spaces and parks, or residential.  

We enjoy working closely with our diverse range clients, from local authorities to private developers, both within Scandinavia and internationally. We value our Clients, creating an open and professional collaboration process from project inception to completion.