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Innovation and attention to detail is at the core of our design process and we take pride in delivering made-to-measure lighting solutions to our clients.

Light Bureau is an international lighting design practice with a comprehensive portfolio of award winning projects within workplace, residen­tial, hospitality, public realm & master-planning.

We develop and deliver connected lighting solutions for complex infrastructure projects, architecture, design, buildings and urban planning. Our customers are established in both private and public sectors, and we operate all over the world.

Innovation and attention to details is at the core of our design process. We always aim at establishing a strong conceptual basis linked to the specific site conditions and user needs. We are involved from early concept development all the way through the different design stages to final delivery and quality control. This ensures consistency and high-end results with a unique identity.

Our approach to lighting design is based on collaboration with our clients and design team and a focus on livable environments and sustainability. We believe that it takes an inter-disciplinary team to create solutions capable of meeting the challenges of a complex globalised world. We have more than 100 dedicated specialists, including designers, engineers, architects, anthropologists, planners, 3D and VR specialists and experts in art and communication based in offices across Scandinavia and Europe.

Light Bureau is part of the business area Architecture & Design at AFRY comprising 500 employees working in AFRY’s architect and design units.

Key offerings:

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Photographer head banner: Dag Jenssen

National Library of Sweden
National Library of Sweden

National Library of Sweden

A seamless balance of daylight and electric light.

Under in Båly, Norway

Under in Båly, Norway

Liquid light designed in harmony with the marine environment.

Svindersvik Bridge, in Stockholm, Sweden

Svindersvik Bridge, in Stockholm, Sweden

A well-balanced combination of functional and aesthetic lighting.

Zlatan Idnert
Head of Efterklang & Light Bureau

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