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Mandatory Ventilation Inspections

"OVK" inspections

Under the Swedish Act on Technical Requirements for Construction Works, etc. buildings must meet the safety requirements regarding hygiene, health and environment. Ventilation systems have to be looked after and maintained, and the relevant documentation must be in place. Inspections of the ventilation system must be carried out by law at set intervals, depending on the category of building and the type of ventilation system.

Good indoor air quality is important for our health. The key to this is ventilation equipment in proper working order. Regular check ups help us identify any faults and deficiencies.

What does an inspection entail?

We check that:

  • the system is fully functional
  • the ventilation system has been correctly set
  • the system does not contain any pollutants
  • the operating and maintenance instructions are where they should be

While we are on site, we also document other aspects such as potential energy savings, the state of the equipment and any need for a redesign. A faulty ventilation system often leads to high energy costs. Even if the operating instructions are missing, we can asisst you immediately after the inspection, since we know the equipment very well.

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