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Measurement Technology

AFRY’s services in measurement technology

AFRY offers mapping services for the effect that a construction project has on its immediate environment, including the surrounding buildings, plant and equipment.

We compile an inventory of potential risks such as ground vibrations, noise, etc., and present our findings in the form of a risk analysis complete with proposals for restrictions and control measures, so that the project can be carried out without any unnecessary disturbance to the surroundings.

We conduct technical reviews and propose and implement vibration absorption measures based on the risk analysis, before and after the work is carried out, in accordance with Swedish Standard SS 460 48 60.
To ensure that construction projects meet the specified criteria, we also assist with different types of automatic and manual measurement.

Geotechnical instrumentation
Rock Engineering & Measurement Technology has many years’ experience of geotechnical instrumentation, measurement and consulting. We offer services related to the installation and calibration of inclinometers, load cells, groundwater and pore pressure sensors, crack meters, temperature sensors, strain gauges, extensometers, etc.

Readings and registration can be recorded manually or automatically via GSM networks. Our measurement system has been fully tested and we are able to perform installations in remote locations. You can easily log on to our web-based system to access the readings for your project online. We also offer safety monitoring services for civil engineering and mining constructions such as dams, tunnels, pit-heads, foundations, earthworks and embankments, retaining walls, slope stabilisation, underground rail systems, underground power plants, bridges, culverts, pipelines, shafts, sheet piling, etc. Recent assignments include instrumentation, control and monitoring functions for TeliaSonera and Fortum Värme for tunnel intersections in connection with the construction of Citybanan, the Stockholm City Line tunnel.

Thanks to our close, long-term cooperation with a number of instrument manufacturers, we are able to customise the instruments we use for projects where the conditions make extreme demands in terms of wear and tear. We also offer solutions for fibre-optic measurements that are ideally suited to structural health monitoring applications. The system is used for measuring changes in the geometric properties of new and existing constructions such as dams, historical buildings, tunnels, bridges, etc.