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Measuring Sustainability Performance

Sustainable Business Performance Indicators – SBPI a correct way to measure sustainability  

The demands for more sustainable business performance are becoming increasingly tough, which means that new needs arise to systematically measure and follow up on sustainability work. The Sustainable Business Performance Indicators provides a factual answer to the question of how sustainable a company actually is. 

With this digital instrument we make it possible to monitor sustainability performance at both the overall and at a detailed level. It provides a simple means of tracking data and measuring sustainability performance in a scientific way.The model illustrates the link between different activities and how they contribute to the sustainability performance. 

The Sustainable Business Performance Indicator model has been developed to increase transparency in AFRY´s own operations and to ensure that the sustainability efforts are in line with the business strategy, but the model can be applied in various industries and used to monitor all operations as well as suppliers and individual activities. 

We provide a web-based platform with a digital measurement model that: 
  • collects data 

  • performs calculations  

  • analyses  the data 

  • visualizes the measurement results 

All in a user-friendly way for customers, employees and the general public to study. 

We also assist you in the analysis which of the over 20 financial parameters and 2,500 social and environmental aspects that are important for your business and thereby for the business’s sustainability performance. 


Jacob Rydholm

Business Unit Manager, Specialized Operational Excellence

Annelie Bergsjö

Business Development and Sales Manager, Specialized Operational Excellence

Sustainable Business Performance Indicators