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Packaging Solutions

Good Packaging Supports your Brand 

The Packaging Development section at AFRY brings together AFRY´s expertise in industry focused Packaging Development. We provide expert knowledge from design and development to validation of packaging concepts. AFRY assists you whether you aim to be in the forefront of packaging development with sustainable packaging solutions that meet the demands of tomorrow or if you aim for more traditional cost efficient packaging concepts.  

AFRY can help you towards packaging concepts that are sustainable, functional, cost efficient and support your brand. We have long experience from packaging industry and packaging of food, furniture, medical devices, drugs and industry products. With our size and expertise, we can take a holistic approach to your existing and future packaging challenges.

We have the possibility to set up cross functional teams that span over different areas and technologies. AFRY is capable of managing entire packaging projects, whether it’s one product or your whole packaging portfolio. 

We are experienced within: 
  • Sustainable Packaging Development 

  • Packaging Optimization 

  • Packaging Logistics 

  • User-oriented Packaging 

  • Quality, Test & Validation, Benchmarking  

  • Requirements & Specifications 

Eva Liv - Section Manager Supply Chain Management
Eva Liv
Section Manager Supply Chain Management

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