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This benchmarking will enable a paper mill to quantify its gaps in OEE, water and energy efficiency, continuous improvement methods and digital transformation.

The Paper mill site diagnostic will provide managers with a high-level view of the operational gaps of their site. The areas studied are:

  • Site OEE, including machine availability, performance and quality.
  • Energy and water efficiency.
  • Continuous improvement, including analyzing how the company is managing process improvement, problem-solving and day-to-day operational control.
  • Digital tools.


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Our team will analyze a site in 4 weeks, providing benchmarking information on how the paper mill stands against the best in class. As well as ratios and indicators, we will also provide information on the management tools and methods used in each area.

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Our deliverables include:

Assessment of OEE

  • Understanding main causes of internal and external quality issues, manufacturing variability against specification limits (process capability).
  • Studying downtime (planned and unplanned), as well as how maintenance is managed.
  • Quantifying how machine performance matches against the best in class.

Assessment of Efficiency

  • Energy and water benchmarking (ratios) and how well consumption is managed.

  • Assessment of use of raw material and overall material efficiency.

Continuous improvement

  • Evaluation of how the company improves its process and products, from an operational to a strategic level.

  • Evaluation of the problem-solving methods in the company, and how know-how os process is retained.

  • Maintenance management, and how well the company tackles downtime ad reliability.

Digital factory

  • Assessment of data capture and treatment, with a focus on maximizing the added value of information.

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How does the process go?

  • Timing for carrying out the diagnostic is 2-4 weeks.
  • Most of the data is collected from a checklist, which is sent to the client.
  • One site visit to the client is necessary. Usually, 4-6 hours is sufficient.
  • 12 months of data should be studied (previous calendar year or last 12 months).
  • Whilst analyzing the data, some online conferences with the client may be needed.
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At AFRY, we make sustainable and lasting partnerships

"At Industrie Cartarie Tronchetti, we have been working with Afry for many years at optimizing our processes. Together, we have improved our site’s performance and our team’s technical capabilities. Our collaboration ranges from energy and water savings through to process optimization and problem-solving using Six Sigma methodology."

Agustí Maronda i Martinez Managing Director, Industrie Cartarie Tronchetti (Iberia)

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