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Pricing Atlas for Green Electricity

Are you looking for a precise and neutral assessment of the market value difference for a specific wind park? AFRY's PAGE (Pricing Atlas for Green Electricity) provides you with an accurate overview of the market performance of a particular wind park under review. This allows you to answer the fundamental question of whether your wind park captures prices above the reference market price.

The attractiveness of wind parks may vary considerably due to the market premium model available in many markets, e.g. Germany. PAGE offers insights into the performance of your wind park compared to the reference price for the next five years. In order to assess a number of wind parks, the batch service in our online tool allows you to download monthly data in CSV/JSON format within a few seconds.

Accounting for hourly wind speeds at a 1x1km resolution as well as a country's entire wind generation fleet, PAGE assesses locational aspects of the individual wind park. PAGE builds on AFRY’s fundamental in-house electricity market model BID3, which simulates the European electricity market by using individual power plants on an hourly basis. We are able, therefore, to create consistent scenarios which show how electricity prices will develop in the future. These market scenarios are updated on a quarterly basis.

In order to assess the future competitiveness of the respective location, we evaluate the most profitable sites for future wind parks based on a rational investor approach. Owing to this simulation of intelligent wind new build, PAGE is able to provide you with the market price difference of your wind park compared with the reference price of the relevant market for the next five years.

Find out more: take a look at the PAGE brochure

1x1km: the spatial resolution of hourly wind speeds that are combined with AFRY’s hourly power price projections into this one unparalleled online tool
5 years of monthly projections, modelling differences to the reference market value to help assess future wind park performance

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