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Project Management for transport infrastructure and buildings

Project planning and management for transport infrastructure and real estate projects

At AFRY, project management is a core business. Highly skilled and experienced project managers are committed to delivering outstanding projects both large and small, and creating value for customers every step of the way.

Whether we are managing all parts and phases of a major airport development project or project managing the replacement of plumbing pipes in a block of flats, the same principles apply. To deliver cost effective projects with the right quality, on time and on budget, you need the knowledge, the experience and the tools to do so. At AFRY, we have all that.

AFRY has accumulated significant experience and capacity in efficient project management. Collectively, we possess vast knowledge and skill and we see ourselves as the link between the client and the design engineer, the contractor and the authorities, focusing on the common project goal.

We facilitate the entire process – from cost estimates and risk management to feasibility studies, from needs analysis to procurement, with requirements and tender material, through implementation and follow-up, once facilities are operational. We help administer, plan, coordinate and manage every step of the way.

We work in close cooperation with our customers to:

  • create project teams
  • delegate responsibilities and mandates
  • interact with stakeholders, including authorities and governmental bodies where applicable
  • steer towards set objectives for quality, time and cost
  • focus attention on the sustainability of every project
  • prevent social dumping and limit the number of injuries by high level of skills in safety, health and working environment

Our scope of service covers many areas, ranging from infrastructure construction works in the fields of roads, railways and real estate. In the field of on-site construction management and site supervision we offer services such as:

  • Organization and coordination
  • Scheduling and cost management
  • Contract management
  • Safety management
  • Site supervision
  • Quality management
  • Procurement
  • Documentation 
Christopher Klepsland
VP and Head of Business Area Project Management
Kajsa Rosén
VP and Head of BA Transportation