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Protective Security Program by AFRY

We guide you through crucial phases of meeting protective security legislation

The reality of hybrid warfare and the connected grey zone problems[1] have forced governments to raise the bar to protect critical infrastructure and other national interests. This impacts not only authorities, but also private companies doing business in the field of critical infrastructure. Protective Security requires additional work, however handled correctly, Protective Security can be turned in to a business differentiator.

Clients trust AFRY to help solve these issues. AFRY has more than 50 years of experience within Protective Security from working as a partner to Swedish Armed Forces, Swedish Defence Material Administration, Civil Contingency Agencies, authorities, but also private companies impacted by Protective Security legislation. We are supporting businesses to optimise the work to meet requirements with our Protective Security Program (PSP).

Key benefits
  • Creates a clear picture of your company’s risks and ability within Cyber Security and Protective Security
  • Support your company to understand how, where and why it should invest in handling these risks
  • Implements Cyber Security and Protective Security in a manner that provides for structured decision making
  • Establishes a higher risk awareness culture through education
  • Meet laws within the field of protective security and being able to win business in the field of providing products and services of critical infrastructure
The Protective Security Program from AFRY

Our PSP method is based on Swedish Protective Security act and can be adjusted to other countries’ similar legislation in the field of protecting national interests and as such it is generic. Input to the method is also coming from other authorities and their frameworks and guidance in the field of protective security.

It is also considering established frameworks like ISO27000 and how things are done within the military. AFRY’s PSP is module based and can be adjusted to clients’ maturity within Protective Security. For instance, well established IT Security work can lower the amount of work within an engagement.

[1] Gray zone problems and hybrid warfare – impact on energy supply, FOI-R--4590—SE, FOI 2018

Gustav Sandberg - Business Unit Manager, Cyber & Communication Systems
Gustav Sandberg
Business Unit Manager, Cyber & Communication Systems

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