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We can help you simplify your purchasing activities

For an organization to reach its full potential, a well-structured purchasing department is essential. With the right knowledge and control, it is possible to add value by reducing costs and risks.

Whether you want to implement improvements or need to make major improvements, Strategic approaches can be applied so that the right adjustments can be made. Making these decisions requires an understanding of the supplier structure and market, how to define your needs, how to conduct negotiations and how to best maintain your relationships. As a consultant and advisor, AFRY offers the comprehensive knowledge required for decisions, from preparation to implementation.


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Achieve sustainability and success in your supply chains

Our team consists of sourcing advisors with solid experience and expertise who are constantly working to adapt and develop dynamic sourcing strategies. AFRY helps clients achieve sustainability and success in their supply chains.

Building long-lasting relationships

We are convinced that clear communication, transparency, and accountability are key factors in creating long-lasting and successful relationships throughout the supply chain.

With our comprehensive knowledge and expertise in procurement, AFRY can help companies make informed, balanced decisions from preparation to implementation. Our commitment is to provide customized solutions that meet our clients' unique needs and help them achieve their goals in a structured and cost-effective way.

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Read more about our offers and useful services in the field of Purchasing:

Purchasing analysis Arrow pointing right

Purchasing analysis is an important and useful service in purchasing.

Together with you, we examine your company's purchasing process and purchasing data to identify areas of improvement.

We identify inefficient processes, look for cost savings and can improve your supplier relationships.

Today´s challenges in industry

As most companies and businesses spend a significant part of their turnover on products and services, any disruption in the supply chain has a direct impact on your profitability. That is where purchasing analytics can help. Purchasing analytics is a method of looking at the purchasing function in your organization and finding opportunities to ensure they are accurate, complete, and efficient.

Offer and execution

Together with you, we conduct a workshop to identify gaps between your current situation and where you aspire to be based on your overall strategy. We identify opportunities to shape and streamline purchasing activities such as: - Policies and procedures - Buy-Make decisions - Risk analysis - Category management - Supplier collaboration - Supplier performance - Cost control.

 We help you prioritize actions to move forward quickly.

Expected outcome

The result is a more efficient, proactive, and professional purchasing operation that contributes to the organization's performance and success.


Sludge management

The benefits of a purchasing analysis:


  • It provides an overview of the company's purchasing activities and its costs. This helps to identify inefficient purchasing processes or areas where savings can be made.

  • Identify suppliers that do not fulfil the requirements for the KPIs (key performance indicators) that are important to the business. By developing SRM (Supplier Relationship Management) work with these suppliers, the business can become more efficient and competitive.

  • We can help optimize your company's inventory. Through our analyses of your purchasing data, we can detect areas where the purchasing volume is not optimal, resulting in too much or too little inventory. By keeping track of your purchasing volume, you can reduce your costs and improve delivery times.

Download Purchasing analysis in pdf format

Category management Arrow pointing right

We help you gain strategic control over your spending.

With category management, we organise your purchases by category to give you a better overview of your purchasing activities.

Today's industry challenges

Category management is now an established method in many purchasing organisations, largely because of increased demands for a strategic purchasing function that delivers clear results. It is important to focus on the right things such as reducing costs, minimising risks, securing deliveries, and promoting innovation. Together with increased efficiency, this creates a stronger competitive position for the company.

Offer and implementation

Category management is a strategic approach that organises purchasing resources to focus on specific cost areas. This allows you to conduct in-depth market analysis to fully leverage your purchasing decisions and create value for the entire company or organisation.

Spend analysis

Using Spend Analysis, we have tools and models for initiation and planning. We also help you implement your category strategies through a step-by-step process for implementing and using category management.

We analyse complex purchasing situations and develop innovative and creative solutions to procure and operate in an efficient and cross-functional way.


Expected outcome

Applying category management in procurement benefits organisations by providing a method to reduce the cost of purchasing goods and services, reduce supply chain risks, increase the overall value from the supplier portfolio and access more innovation from suppliers.



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Benefits of category management:


  • By organising purchases by category, you can get a better overview of your purchasing activities and their costs. This can help you identify opportunities for cost savings and improved efficiency.


  • Category management can also give you a better overview of the suppliers within each category. By having a clear picture of the suppliers and their performance, you can negotiate better contracts and save money.


  • Category management can also help you identify areas where there are opportunities to standardise purchasing. By standardising purchases, you can reduce costs and increase efficiency, while maintaining quality. 

Download Category management in pdf-format

Supplier Relationship Management Arrow pointing right

Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) minimises risk, increases value and creates opportunities for innovation.

With the Supplier Relationship Management service, we help you improve your relationships with your suppliers and thus your company's performance. Collaboration and good relationships with suppliers lead to better understanding and thus better delivery, quality, innovation, and risk management.

Today's challenges in industry

The importance of purchasing activities within companies and organisations has increased significantly over the past decades and in a competitive market, expectations for high performance will continue to rise. Therefore, we need a reliable portfolio of suppliers that can fulfil our expectations both today and in the future.


Offer and implementation

With a strategy that includes preparation, implementation, monitoring and follow-up, and supplier decommissioning, we can support your organisation throughout the SRM process. Together, we determine what is important in supplier assessment and selection, and information on the working methods to be used. We create the structure for how you monitor your suppliers' performance and how you can create, maintain, or develop a good relationship with them.

We use tools such as:

  • Financial analyses

  • Cost analyses

  • Risk analyses



Expected outcome

A high-performing supplier portfolio that meets your organisational objectives. You will have/get control of your cost reduction and risk challenges and know how to plan and act accordingly.



Benefits of Supplier Relationship Management

There is much to be gained from both parties understanding each other. Supplier co-operation and security of supply are linked.


Close co-operation is based on trust and confidence. If any problems arise in the supply chain, you will be able to deal with them more quickly if you have a good relationship with your supplier.

By working together with your suppliers, you can also identify areas where you can collaborate on innovation and development, for example.

Good co-operation with suppliers also helps you to have a better overview of their costs, allowing you to negotiate better prices.


Download Supplier Relationship Management as PDF

Outsourcing  Arrow pointing right

Focus on your core business and increase your competitiveness.

Outsourcing involves transferring one or more of a company's functions or processes to an external provider.


Today's challenges in industry

Outsourcing parts of their operations is an established strategy used by many companies and organisations to focus on their core business and thus enable lower costs and increased flexibility.

This type of procurement is often complex, involving the transfer of staff, equipment, premises and, not least, the loss of knowledge and experience.

If it is not correct from the start, it can be an unprofitable deal with a negative impact on delivery and the business.


Offer and execution

Based on a "Buy-Make" decision, we will guide you through the entire process from a commercial perspective, from preparation to finalisation of a contract.

Strategy Meeting, Packaging

We can support you with:

  • Project management

  • Definition of requirement specification

  • Market analysis

  • RFx process

  • Evaluation of tenders

  • Negotiations

  • Content of a Service Level Agreement (SLA)

  • Access to innovation

Expected outcome

Successful outsourcing adds value such as:

  • Reduced and transparent costs

  • Higher level of knowledge

  • Reduction of risks

  • More time for the core business

  • Higher efficiency

  • Flexibility

  • Accessibility

  • Competitiveness

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Some benefits of outsourcing

  • By outsourcing certain functions or processes, a company can save time and money and focus on its core business activities, helping to increase its efficiency and productivity.


  • Another benefit of outsourcing is that you can access specialised skills that your company may not have in-house. By hiring an external provider with specialised skills, your company can gain access to the latest technology and innovations in that area.


  • Outsourcing can also help reduce the risk to the company by transferring certain functions or processes to an external provider. This can help reduce the risk of technical problems or human resources issues, for example.

Download Oursourcing in PDF-format

Product Sheets Arrow pointing right

Purchase Product sheet

Here you will find all our product sheets within the Purchasing offer.

Download the product sheets or get in touch with us directly to get more information.

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Section Manager Supply Chain Management, Malmö

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Bengt Hillemyr

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