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Radioactive Waste & Material Inventories

Collation, review and calculation of radioactive waste and material inventories

Our radioactive waste inventory services include stakeholder engagement and requirements review; design and implementation of electronic data collection questionnaires, databases and data transfer routines; data assessment, review and verification; data analysis and interpretation.

Radioctive waste container in a concrete casing

Why do we need radioctive waste inventories?

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Radioactive waste inventories are used by a wide range of stakeholders:

  • government and its agencies (develop policies and strategies for managing radioactive waste and regulating nuclear operations
  • supply chain organisations (process waste and use data to support the planning, operation and performance of their facilities)
  • waste planners (ensure that radioactive waste management facilities meet local and national needs)
  • researchers and academics (develop innovative technologies and processes for managing the range of radioactive waste)
  • the public (improve understanding about the types and quantities of waste)
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Inventory preparation comprises a staged process that can include:

  • Review of end user requirements
  • Preparation of questions, data gathering tools and supporting guidance
  • Assumptions for each waste and material type
  • Implications of alternative scenarios for future waste production
  • Waste packaging rules and container assignments
  • Data assessment and verification
  • Justified methodology for data enhancement (material composition, radioactivity, disposal packaging)
  • Calculation of radionuclide activities for wastes, spent fuels and nuclear materials
  • Data analysis and interpretation
  • Database specification
  • Data management, transfer and preparation of output data
  • Gap analysis, uncertainties and identification of further potential enhancements
  • Preparation of data improvement plans
  • Documentation (publicly available / client reports)
Aerial view of open air radioactive waste inventory storage site

Did you know?

AFRY has won successive contracts from Government and the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority to produce the UK’s Radioactive Waste & Materials Inventory (RWI) since 1987 (latterly in partnership with Jacobs).

AFRY has been awarded contracts by Radioactive Waste Management Ltd to produce updates to its Inventory for Geological Disposal (IGD) for the past 30 years (latterly in partnership with Jacobs).

Committed to continuous improvement

AFRY’s high profile work and commitment to continuous improvement and added value in delivering the past 13 editions of the UK’s Radioactive Waste & Materials Inventory has established AFRY’s reputation within the UK nuclear industry in matters relating to the production, quantities, characteristics, storage, treatment and packaging of radioactive wastes. AFRY has supported a number of waste producing organisations in compiling their inventories.

All countries with an established, or those looking to enter, nuclear market will require robust management of nuclear waste. AFRY can support international clients in this area so please contact us for further information.

Dave Taylor - Head of Nuclear Safety and Design Section, UK
Dave Taylor
Head of Nuclear Safety and Design Section, UK

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