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We know radon

Let AFRY help you measure and reduce radon levels.

Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas, which has no smell, colour or taste. Radon and its decay products are emitting ionizing radiation. Damage on lung tissue can be caused by inhaling radon decay products, which can lead to lung cancer. Annually around 500 persons in Sweden get the diagnosis lung cancer, induced by radon. In Europe the number is estimated to 20 000 persons

Radon is regulated in EU member states through national adaptations to the EURATOM 2013/59 directive. Also IAEA and WHO have recommendations and directive focusing on radon.

AFRY have the experience and expertise in all types of projects concerning natural occurring radiation such as:

  • Planning, performing and assessing National/Regional radon surveys.
  • Design of Preventive and corrective radon measures in buildings
  • Continuous monitoring systems of radon and other IAQ parameters
  • Inspection and diagnosis of radon as part of Due Diligence and environmental audits.
  • Occupational environmental testing and dosimetry
  • Training in radiation, radon and exposure.

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