Railway tracks and overhead contact lines in a rail station

Rail Engineering

AFRY’s services in rail engineering

Convenient and hassle-free travel improves people’s everyday lives. Smart railway solutions are always made to meet the needs of those who use them to travel or transport goods.

In today’s striving for a sustainable society, railways are playing a decisive role. One of the greatest challenges is to develop and build railways in vibrant, bustling cities where people’s day-to-day lives and activities must be able to continue alongside and throughout construction. This makes a holistic approach and dialogue important ingredients of the projects.

Railways that are built where people live or work should be designed in a way that minimizes noise and vibrations. A new railway bridge should be made both functional and aesthetically appealing, for example through the use of decorative lighting effects.

The railway expansion of the future will include both new high-speed trains and the development and modernization of century-old systems. Innovative telecom and IT solutions, and cutting edge expertise in the Europe-wide standard for rail signaling systems, ERTMS, are central building blocks in reaching the goal: to give the client an efficient and comfortable travel experience.