4-lane motorway

Road Engineering

AFRY’s solutions for road engineering

Infrastructure is a natural and necessary part of life. People need to travel in order to get to work, school and leisure activities. Products and services must be transported quickly and cost-effectively.

Accessibility and traffic flow are crucial for quality of life, regardless of whether the user is walking, riding a bike, driving a car or transporting goods.

Well designed roads blend into the surrounding environment, contribute to avoiding congestion and give people easy access to recreational areas. It should be possible for animals to cross roads without risking their lives.

Road and civil engineering projects affect many people and are dependent on the investment of extensive public resources. Regardless of whether clients need help with road design, public transport analysis or traffic management systems, they should have the right product from the start and work should be completed on time and on budget. Analysis of public transport systems gives decision-makers a picture of the users’ travel time and travel standard, as well as the transport operator’s costs and rolling stock or fleet requirements.

This data leads to well founded decisions about future roads, traffic management systems and lighting solutions.