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RoAd - software for production control and tracking

About RoAd

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RoAd is a production control and tracking application developed especially for paper and printing house environments. RoAd operations management facilitates production control and improves supervision providing valuable information to the your management, service, maintenance, customer service and invoicing.

RoAd is developed with Microsoft Visual Studio and SQL Server database and it is running on Microsoft operating systems. RoAd has more than 100 deliveries globally with over 30 years’ experience

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RoAd manages the whole process from the paper machines down to the shipping and loading

  • Product entry functions e.g., vehicle unloading
  • Product identification, measuring, weighing and marking
  • Product flow control and monitoring according to the production plan
  • Storage management and optimisation
  • Product collecting, sorting, loading and shipment
  • Links to the other system e.g., PLC’s and ERP system
  • Links to the peripheral devices e.g., identification devices, printers and weighing scales
  • Collecting and showing diagnostics -and alarm data
  • Comprehensive reporting of the entire production and process
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Are you already running a RoAd system?

You may want to consider an update of the system, which ensures the functionality far into the future.

Benefits of a system update:

  • Completely rewritten and redesigned RoAd user interface using .NET Framework, which will be supported also in future operating systems
  • The latest softwares, services and tools​
  • Modern outlook
  • The server, workstations and operating systems can be updated at the same time
  • The system is easier to maintain
  • The system can be virtualised and use modern backup methods
  • Security is brought to the level of current requirements
  • The risk that exists with outdated hardware and software is eliminated
  • No usage licenses
  • Knowledge and competence of the system​ by RoAd specialists
  • Deployment is easy and fast, and it does not affect or cause changes to other systems
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Our team of experts has a proven track record of delivering successful RoAd applications, and we are committed to helping you create a more sustainable future.

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Did you know?

RoAd visualises valuable information to the operators and management in a clear format. It has helped dozens of companies improve their operational performance through better management of labour force, machinery and storage spaces.

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