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Robust Communication: IP Network

The growing threats in the world have increased the need for monitoring and surveillance, utilising fast and intelligent data processing resources as well as robust and secure communication infrastructure. AFRY helps clients develop secure and robust solutions for IP networks.

In the context of ​​IP networks, robust communication is about always being connected and reachable. One consequence of this is the continuous exposure to threats and intrusion.

Today's technical solutions must meet tomorrow's challenges where more and more areas become digital and connected. This development is driven by the requirement to always be able to access information no matter where you are. It must be possible to do this quickly, reliably and securely.

Cloud solutions are today a vital part of this, but at the same time it involves challenges when it comes to storing sensitive data. Edge Cloud with microdata center can therefore be an important part of an overall cloud solution. This together with micro-segmentation to limit the possibility of unauthorised access within the own data infrastructure.

From a life cycle perspective, a well-defined and implemented security policy is needed that is continuously maintained and updated.

The environmental and sustainability perspective needs to be taken into account when developing the a future robust communication infrastructure, ultimately to contribute to the UN's global environmental and sustainability goals. At the same time, this means great value-creating opportunities for companies and organisations.

IP network within Robust Communication at AFRY

AFRY helps clients achieve robustness, accessibility and perceived performance and functionality in their IT and communication environments. Robustness is a requirement in today's connected world and includes both logical and physical security and reliability. This is of course done in line with cost-saving targets and demands for efficiency.

The services include strategic advisory, market analyses, feasibility studies, risk and vulnerability analyses, requirements specification, procurement support, project management, design & development work, implementation, system integration, testing & verification & validation, as well as operation & maintenance.

The combination of our expertise in robust communication and sustainable development means that our customers receive optimised, cost-effective and future-proof communication solutions.

Examples of technologies and areas of expertise that we master in robust IP networks are:
  • Overall commitment in the form of migration assignments
  • Routing, Switching
  • Firewalls
  • Network design
  • IoT
  • Cloud, Edge Cloud
  • Automation
  • Software Defined Networks (SDN)
  • Network Service Orchestration (NSO)
  • Segmentation, micro-segmentation
  • Virtualisation
Examples of reference projects:

Migration project of active equipment for the metro network. 400 nodes migrated. 100% quality, no failed migrations. Client - Swedish mobile network operator.

Examples of clients:
  • Communication operators
  • The Swedish Armed Forces, Swedish Armed Forces Materiel Administration
  • Telecom companies
  • Real estate companies
  • Facebook / Telindus
Eskil Bendz - Unit Manager Connectivity and System Solutions
Eskil Bendz
Unit Manager Connectivity and System Solutions

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