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Robust communication: Operational reliability

How robust is your infrastructure? Is the structure built according to the authorities' recommendations? AFRY helps you break down government requirements and guidelines into concrete action plans to ensure operational reliability and fulfilment of government expectations.

AFRY has experience of breaking down government requirements and guidelines for concrete action plans to ensure robustness and fulfilment of the authorities' expectations. Through inventory and inspection of existing infrastructure, physical protection and documentation, any shortcomings are identified and an action plan for measures is drawn up.

With a substantiated investigation, AFRY ensures that your investment in robustness-enhancing measures takes place cost-effectively, through the right conditions and preventive work. This contributes to increased security and robustness in networks and communication infrastructure.

We offer

AFRY can offer you technical expertise to achieve a robust communication infrastructure, regardless of what your business needs look like. We have a unique breadth with top competencies in both active and passive network infrastructure as well as top competencies in terms of infrastructure of underlying supply systems such as electricity, plumbing, fire protection and fortification design.

  • Design of a new data hall
    • Facility design
    • Passive and active infrastructure
    • Installation of server / service equipment
    • Construction management
    • Fire protection
    • EMC protection
    • Power supply, reserve power
    • Documentation

• Inventory, rebuilding and inspection of existing facilities

• Technical specifications and checklists from AFRY

• Methods and routines for using the facility

• Customised manuals for operation and maintenance

  • Methods and routines for ongoing operational follow-up, consideration of normal operation and extraordinary events
  • Design of processes and plans, eg handling of disruptions and interruptions
  • Create methods for risk and impact assessments, for example in accordance with ISO 31000
  • Information management, structure and confidentiality management in support systems
AFRY has carried out the following assignments on behalf of operators and network owners:
  • Sales of the Swedish Post and Telecom Authority’s operational safety requirements, PTSFS 2022:11 to technical / organisational requirements
  • Inventory of node spaces, to assess status according to developed technical requirements
  • Inventory of the possibility for higher protection of existing underground facilities. The assignment includes proposals for technical and fortification measures and cost calculations.
  • Construction base remodelling of enclosure area into technical facilities
  • Fire protection inventory of technical space
  • Risk analysis and design proposal for weapons protection for underground facilities
  • Construction management implementing reinforcement measures of technical spaces
Johan Tenstam - Section Manager, Cyber & Communication Systems
Johan Tenstam
Section Manager, Cyber & Communication Systems

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